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Introducing the Microsoft Teams and Power Apps whitepaper

Headshot of article author Matthew Bolanos

Learn everything there is to know about customizing Teams with Power Apps, from making a canvas app a personal app to showing CDS entities within a channel by reading the new Teams + Power Apps whitepaper. If you want to share this blog with others so that they can find the whitepaper, the short URL is:

My favorite section by far is the use case section where you can see how the entire Power Platform can be used together in a seamless experience. I’ll start a series next week on various scenarios that can be improved with Teams and Power Apps, but if you want a sneak preview on how to make a typical sales cycle more efficient, check out the whitepaper now.



This PDF will become a living, breathing document. As new features are added or as certain integrations become easier, I’ll be blogging about them and updating the whitepaper, so check back often as we ship incremental improvements.