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Make column-level adjustments in the Data table control

Headshot of article author Jason Green


When we first released the Data table control, the only control that an app maker had over column behavior and appearance was the ability to select the fields that appear in the Data table control. A field that was selected then determined the width and label for the column. The styling was consistent for all columns in the Data table control and was controlled by properties on the Data table control itself. 

In the latest release of the Data table control, we introduced the notion of Column controls. Column controls are children of Data table controls, and can be accessed through the right pane, through Screen Explorer, and directly from the screen canvas. 




By using a Column control, app makers can now start to adjust the Data table control at the column level! This release includes a small number of important customizations:

  • Change the column width: Set the Width property on the Column control, or drag the Column control’s width adorners in the canvas.
  • Modify the header text for the column: Set the corresponding property on the Column control.
  • Make text in a column appear as a hyperlink: Set the IsHyperlink property on the Column control.
  • Define a navigation action (or another appropriate click action): Set the OnSelect property on the Column control.


For more information about the Column control, its properties, and how to use it, see the reference topic in the PowerApps documentation.


This is just the beginning, though! We plan to extend the set of Column control capabilities over time. For example, in the future app makers will be able to adjust the styling of individual columns. Please let us know your thoughts about this new feature by leaving comments on this page, at the PowerApps Community Forum if you have questions, or at the PowerApps Idea Forum if you have additional ideas or suggestions. Thanks!