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March 2021 Vancouver Power Apps Group: 11-year-old Nisha Sinha walks through creating a kudos solution with Power Apps

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

Thursday March 25th 2021 brings the Vancouver Power Apps User Group a very special presenter. We have one of the Microsoft staff’s daughter, Naisha Sinha an 11 year old grade 6 student covering how she created a kudos app for her school in Vancouver Canada.

Naisha Sinha’s reasoning was: since they are all engaged in online learning, she could create an app for teachers as well as students to use amongst themselves. 

Naisha Sinha is now looking at taking the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals certification and has even started preparing for that exam!

In her presentation Naisha Sinha will start with a “show and tell” of the application, cover her authoring experience and the areas she liked the most within Power Apps. 

Naisha Sinha has also proven to be inspiration! After seeing and using and the app, her other classmates also have started looking into Power Apps to the point these kids are looking to start a Power Apps club in her school!!

Naisha Sinha has certainly created some interesting Kudos (See images of her application above).  “Smarter than Mary Poppins!” is Naisha Sinha’s moms favorite and must admit I love “Curious as George!”

When: Thursday March 25th, 2021 6PM PST


Our Presenter:

Naisha Sinha

“I am Naisha Sinha and I am 11 years old. I love swimming.  Science and Computers are my favorite subjects. One of my favorite experiences in school was last year in Grade 5 when we got to dissect a squid.  While we got to understand the intricacies of squid, I was in awe when I got the lens out.  In Grade 6 I felt the same excitement when I started working on PowerApps.  This time around, my friends and classmates were in awe when I showed them the app.  I hope to build other cool apps and get more members in my PowerApps club in school.”

Editor’s Note: Picture and biography printed with permission of Naisha Sinha’s mother: Deepa Lakhani.