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Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020 – Power Platform sessions quick reference

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In the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020 digital event, we had a great lineup of Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate & Power Virtual Agents) sessions. This blog post attempts to provide a ready list of all the sessions for quick reference.

You can also see all the sessions from these MBAS Community Galleries: Power Apps Community | Power Automate Community | Power Virtual Agents Community | Power BI Community

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Update 22nd May 2020: Added 36 new sessions (including relevant sessions from our FastTrack & Industry Accelerators Teams)
Update 2nd June 2020: Added 12 new sessions
Update 4th June 2020: Added 5 new sessions

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Hear from James Phillips and Alysa Taylor
Alysa Taylor; James Phillips

James Phillips, President of the Microsoft Business Applications group, shares the latest product strategy, highlights from the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 release, and how those innovations…
Empower your organization with the Microsoft Power Platform
Arun Ulagaratchagan; Charles Lamanna; Emma Archer; Julie Strauss; Kim Manis; Miguel Martinez; Priya Sathy; Ryan Cunningham; Ryan Jones; Stephen Siciliano

The Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code development platform empowering your employees to solve today’s most challenging business problems with ease and within the bounds of your IT governance. The…



Real-World stories


Real-world stories: Individuals and organizations driving transformation with the Power Platform
Foyin Olajide-Bello; Nathan Backers; Sameer Bhangar; Saurabh Pant; Tijn Tacke

In this session, hear directly from customers that range from citizen developers to full stack professional developers on how they’re using Microsoft Power Platform to transform business processes, de…
Real-world stories: Organizations scaling adoption of the Power Platform with a Center of Excellence
Manuela Pichler

Learn how organizations have established a Center of Excellence (CoE) to drive internal adoption of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate and handle governance and adoption for hundreds of productio…
Real World Stories: Coca-Cola United uses Power Automate RPA capabilities to automate legacy processes
Allan McDaniel; Bob Means

Coca Cola United had a complex back-end process for managing orders for its freestyle beverage vending machines. This involved manually entering data and tracking progress across multiple legacy syste…
Real World Stories: illimity and Aioi Nissay drive business process automation with Power Automate
Francesco Zitelli; Takashi Yano

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, Japan’s largest insurance company, has created a virtuous cycle in which Power Automate UI Flows are used to optimize citizen developer training & certification processes.…
Real World Stories: Ecolab and Microsoft transform sales processes using Microsoft Power Platform
Lori Jarchow; Rachel Hart; Thomas Verhasselt

In this real world stories session, digital transformation leaders from Ecolab and Microsoft will describe how they leveraged Microsoft Power Platform to integrate with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure,…
Real World Stories: Telstra uses Microsoft Power Platform and Teams to boost field technician productivity
Nathan Backers

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company. Nathan Backers started as a communications technician in 2008 and over the years has adopted Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Teams to…
Real World Stories: T-Mobile and Loblaws build rich interactive solutions connected to Common Data Service
Brian Hodel; Elena Chevelev

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile service providers in the United States. Managing new customer initiatives from inception to launch is a complex process involving multiple stages, roles, and reso…
Real World Stories: Citizen developers at Sterling Bank and Nestlé Waters use Microsoft Power Platform to drive transformation in their organizations
Derek Lichtenwalner; Foyin Olajide-Bello

Watch this real world stories session to learn how Microsoft Power Platform is helping digitize business processes and impacting careers and lives across multiple industries. Derek Lichtenwalner from…
Real World Stories: #LessCodeMorePower—and why it helps up-level ANY career
Arturo Silis; Dona Sarkar; Georgia Tsoraklidou; Mark Colbert

Think the Power Platform is only for “Citizen Devs”? Think again. Come hear from a Citizen Dev who’s made over 70 production business critical apps, a traditional “ProDev,” and a self-proclaimed “Ops…
Real World Stories: Why did EY pick Microsoft Power Platform to digitize complex enterprise scenarios
Gregory Dupan; Sheheryar. Qadir

EY is one of the largest professional services organizations in the world with over 270K employees. In this session, digital transformation leaders from the Enterprise Workplace Technologie…
Real World Stories: Coca-Cola and DWF Law LLP share their Power Virtual Agents and AI Builder stories
Daniel Pollick; Lokeshwar Vangala; Mike Walker

Coca Cola is rapidly embracing Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate RPA, and Power Apps to re-imagine employee experiences and automate several business processes. Watch this interview to learn about…
The Power Platform journey through the lens of a digital technology manager
Eric Mckinney

Take a journey through the birth and adoption of the Power Platform at G&J Pepsi over four years ago. Walk through the past four years to learn more about the breadth of applications, automation, and…
Secret recipes for building a record breaking adoption app in under three hours
Alan Chai

Enabling a multitude of makers in an enterprise to rapidly solve real business problems with Microsoft Power Platform. We discuss a real use case where Schlumberger leverages low-code/no-code Power Pl…



Power Apps


Power Apps in 2020: What you should already be using and what’s still to come in 2020
Clay Wesener; Ryan Cunningham

Come and hear directly from the Microsoft Power Apps team about new features recently released, and our plans for the rest of 2020. This session provides an overview of our big investments as well as…
Leverage Power Apps to customize Microsoft Teams to empower your frontline workers
Arun Ulagaratchagan; Efesa Origbo; Matthew Bolanos; Pete Daderko

Microsoft Teams is becoming the central place for workplace collaboration, and with Microsoft Power Apps, Teams can be further customized to bring everything a frontline worker needs under one roof. I…
Managing and governing the Power Platform at scale
Abigail Rappoport Sharan; Darya Mazandarany; Julie Strauss

This session provides an overview of our big investments as well as some awesome demos of our latest features in Power Apps.
Power Platform emergency response solutions
Deanna Sparks; Gary Bird; Pankaj Arora; Sangya Singh

As organizations around the world are getting challenged with managing the COVID-19 pandemic, learn how Microsoft is helping customers respond to the public health crisis with Power Platform. We demo…
Learn how AI Builder can help create insights from your business data
Gautam Thapar; Norah Liu; Raj Virk

Enhance your apps and business processes with AI that’s easy to build into apps and configure within Microsoft Power Apps. In this session we provide an overview of AI Builder and show you how to get…
What’s new in the common data service
Maya Dumesh; Ryan Jones; Srikumar Nair; Sunil Garg

The Common Data Service connects Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, AI Builder, and Power Virtual Agents with data. In this session, we cover new capabilities in the April release.
Demystifying model-driven apps
Clay Wesener; Adrian Orth

How do you build apps which will support tens or hundreds of thousands of users? We cover common patterns and antipatterns in this session.
Power Platform adoption, enterprise management, and governance
Andrew Welch; Manuela Pichler

More and more large organizations with complex missions are connecting siloed data, engaging customers, and driving ROI with amazing custom solutions on Microsoft Power Platform — Power Apps, Power BI…
Power Apps 101: From “Hello, World!” to Power App champ
Keith Whatling

How does a bus driver get from behind the wheel to a Microsoft Power Apps champ? You’re going to hear exactly how that happens. In this session, we dispel the three most common myths people hold about…
Mixed Reality in Power Apps
Michael O’Connor

Just recently announced and now in public preview, our new capabilities allow citizen developers to incorporate mixed reality experiences like visualizing 3D objects in the real world right into their…
Amplify your pro developer skills with the Power Platform
Hailey Huber; Per Mikkelsen; Rohit Puri

Are you a pro developer wondering what the Microsoft Power Platform can do for you? Attend this session to learn how you can help accelerate the digital transformation and app modernization efforts in…
Data Loss Prevention for Power Apps and Power Automate explained
Anupma Sharma; Julie Strauss

Data Loss Prevention is key for governing and protecting your organizations data assets. In this session, we explain the ins and outs of Data Loss Prevention as it applies to Microsoft Power Apps and…
Automating Invoice Processing with AI Builder
Cedrick Bellarosa

Join us to learn how to create a fully automated invoice process using AI Builder, Power Apps and Power Automate.
Marrying Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and the Common Data Service
Sunil Garg

Want to build Power Apps over both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement? In this session, we show how the Common Data Service allows you to build applicat…
Common Data Model: Learn core concepts of the CDM metadata system and how to use CDM to build actionable insights and analytics for your business data
Jeff Bernhardt; Oleg Ovanesyan; Robert Bruckner

The Common Data Model (CDM) is the shared data language used by business and analytics applications to provide semantic consistency and facilitate interoperability. It is an open-sourced metadata syst…
Advanced CDM: Learn the benefits of CDM SDK
Jeff Bernhardt; Oleg Ovanesyan

Come and learn how to use new Common Data Model (CDM) SDK for core developer scenarios to read and write CDM metadata.
Geospatial / Maps in Power Apps
Michael O’Connor

Just recently announced and now in private preview, citizen developers can now add geospatial capabilities like maps and address search components to their apps. In this session we’ll cover what’s ava…
Use Power BI with Common Data Service and Power Apps
Adrian Orth; Maya Dumesh

Join us to learn about improvements in Common Data Service and Power Apps to better integrate with Power BI. Common Data Service will provide CDS security through a Direct Query connection. Power App…
Power Apps portals: An overview and what’s new.
Dileep Singh

Learn about the latest capabilities in Power Apps portals to securely enable external interaction with your data. Bring data from the apps you use—including Power BI and Power Automate—together with C…
Advanced Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capabilities
Evan Chaki; Per Mikkelsen; Shan McArthur

Get hands-on with the full set of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capabilities for the Microsoft Power Platform. Learn how to use the key concepts to automatically manage and deploy application…
Building ISV solutions on the Power Platform
Julie Strauss; Per Mikkelsen

Imagine if you, as an ISV, could build an app in hours instead of months. Imagine you could do it without writing a single line of code and as you gather feedback from customers you could augment that…
A tour of Common Data Service (CDS) in the Power Platform with Doctor Flow
serge luca

In this session, Doctor Flow, a.k.a. Serge Luca, illustrated why CDS really matters in the Microsoft Power Platform. He demos the role of CDS in Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps (Canvas, Model Dri…
Introduction to AI Builder
Benoit Fabre

Join us for an overview of AI Builder: allow your subject matter experts to build AI Models without the need for code or AI expertise.
SAP Surround options with the Power Platform
Apostolis Papaioannou; Sameer Chabungbam

Does your enterprise use SAP and want to benefit from the Microsoft Power Platform? Join us in this session where we introduce the new SAP ERP connector for Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, an…



Power Automate/RPA


Unlocking seamless automation across your enterprise
Chris Garty; Rajya Lakshmi Priyadarsini Kodukula; Stephen Siciliano; Tulsi Keshkamat

Power Automate is Microsoft’s workflow and business process management platform, and recently introduced new Robotic Process Automation capabilities, with a new capability called UI flows. Power Autom…
Learn how robotic process automation can expedite your digital transformation
Ashvini Sharma; Debraj Ghosh; Gautier Chastan; Lan Li ; Matt Townsend; Tulsi Keshkamat

Learn how to put both attended and unattended UI flows to use in building a practice around robotic process automation (RPA) with best practices, tips, and tricks!
Power Automate in 2020: What you should already be using and what’s still to come
Stephen Siciliano

You spoke, we listened! Come and hear directly from the Microsoft Power Automate team about new features recently released, and our plans for the rest of 2020. This session provides an overview of our…
Why Microsoft’s RPA?
Ashvini Sharma

Learn how Microsoft’s robotic process automation (RPA) offering, UI Flows, combines the strengths of API automation, intelligence, and legacy automation to achieve broad and deep scenarios with ease.…
Connect legacy web apps with RPA
Suvarna Darapu

See how to use Microsoft Power Automate UI flow robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities for browser automation of legacy web applications that don’t support API automation through Selenium IDE.
Simplify your work by automating routine tasks across Microsoft 365
Harysh Menon

Learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate to set up automated business workflows across multiple Microsoft 365 products like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, and more!
Introduction to digital transformation with Power Automate
Jonathon Levesque

Join this session for an introduction covering UI flows, automated and business process flows in Microsoft Power Automate.
Business process automation that helps teams do more
Praveen Kumar Singh

Learn how to create goal-driven Business Process Flows that streamline human processes and help your teams stay focused; combine them with Instant Flows to run background automation, and send approval…
Industry specific applications of Power Automate, including Microsoft’s internal use
Tulsi Keshkamat

Take a look at some of our favorite stories of business transformation achieved by Microsoft Power Automate. Check out how an organization the size of Microsoft has benefitted from applying Power Auto…
Power Automate and Azure Integration Services
Jon Fancey, Matt Farmer

Microsoft Azure opens up a whole world of possibilities to the Microsoft Power Platform with Azure Integration Services. In this session, understand how you can leverage the capabilities available in…



Power Virtual Agents


Empower subject matter experts to drive engagement in your business using Power Virtual Agents
Cleber Mori; Emma Archer; Omar Aftab; Pawan Taparia

Learn more about how customers are improving engagement and productivity and reducing costs through personalized conversational intelligent virtual agents. In this session, get an overview of all new…
Build a bot that integrates with your backend systems with Power Virtual Agent
Marina Kolomiets; Pawan Taparia; Salem Bacha

Learn how to integrate Microsoft Power Virtual Agents with your backend systems to enable bots to act on behalf of your users. As part of this session, we cover invoking Power Automate flows and call…
Best practices for building an intelligent bot with Power Virtual Agents
Murali Kumanduri

Learn more about best practices that our customers follow to build successful virtual agents. This session covers what it takes to build a virtual agent that provides the best business outcomes, and h…



Power BI – Customer stories


A Large Pet Hospital – Creating successful user centered reporting
Kelsey. Wiggin; Lauren Faber; Rebecca McCarthy

A Large Pet Hospital implemented Microsoft Power BI from the ground up. Their success with Power BI has been because of our presenters focus on creating user centered reports.
Avanade – Experience Insights with Power BI
Cem Urfalioglu; Lauren Faber; Mahima Bedi; Simon Windell

Avanade uses Power BI and advanced analytics to understand client experiences and to grow and retain company talent.
Humana – From disparate sources to one centralized data platform with Power BI
Andrew Renda; Lauren Faber; Melissa Hooper; Sean Chandler

Humana leveraged Azure services to combine 47 disparate data sources and BI tools into an analytics as a platform as a service solution. Using Power BI as the business intelligence tool, Humana has se…
Electrolux AB – Unleashing the power of cloud scale analytics for business efficiency
Lauren Faber; Meha Saxena

Electrolux, an appliance company, created an innovative solution to siloed and inconsistent data using Azure and Power BI to transform the business by democratizing and embedding AI into key finance p…
Enabling Arla Foods with Big Data and Self-Service Analytics
Kasper Hansen; Lauren Faber

Kasper Pors Hansen from Arla Foods walks through the journey Arla Foods took from siloed systems to one data foundation enabling successful self-service BI across the organization.
The Nokia People Analytics Journey with Microsoft & Power BI
David Shontz; Lauren Faber

HR at Nokia went through a four-phase process of their people journey to consolidate and visualize data, expand the use of analytics, and develop advanced analytics. This process has enabled them to c…
PCL – Creating a scalable pipeline to process incoming IoT data and generate new insights using Power BI.
Danny Brunsch; Lauren Faber; Nathan Wong

PCL, a construction company, is using Azure services, including Azure Synapse, to create an effective pipeline to get data from IoT devices all the way to being visualized in Power BI.
The Wonderful Company – Finding a single source of truth
Dhiraj Chhajer; Lauren Faber

The Wonderful Company had the challenge of siloed data and systems but has used Power BI and Azure to create reports from a single source of truth from sales and financials to manufacturing and farmin…
Standard Bank: BI+
Johannes Kleynhans; Lauren Faber

Because of the foundation of Power BI that Standard Bank has in place they are able to expand on their Power BI capabilities by implementing more features and growing the user base within their compan…
T-Mobile – Strategic Design and Deployment of Business Intelligence Reporting
Lauren Faber; Shane McFarland

Shane McFarland from T-Mobile has designed an innovative pre-assembled template containing a post-modeled dataset to deliver to report authors as part of Shane’s push for unification, collaboration, a…
Rockwell Automation: Building a world-class Power BI center of excellence
Chris Wagner; Lauren Faber

Join us to hear how Rockwell Automation has delivered a Center of Excellence to Microsoft Power BI business users in a remarkable way.



Power BI


Unlock insights: Power BI vision and roadmap
Amir Netz; Arun Ulagaratchagan; Kim Manis; Miguel Martinez; Patrick Baumgartner; Priya Sathy

This session covers the vision and future roadmap for Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is on a journey to transform how organizations work with data. Join us to learn how Power BI will continue to create…
Create amazing data experiences with Power BI
Amir Netz; Bogdan Crivat; Justyna Lucznik; Kim Manis; Miguel Martinez; Priya Sathy; Vijay Gopalakrishnan

Join us for demos and a discussion on creating amazing data exploration experience in Microsoft Power BI. We showcase the roadmap and demos of AI infused experiences that are instantly familiar.
Modern Enterprise BI
Amir Netz; Bogdan Crivat; Christian Wade; Miguel Martinez; Priya Sathy; Vijay Gopalakrishnan

Microsoft Power BI continues to evolve its roadmap and vision on modern enterprise BI. Join us for demos and discussion on future looking capabilities that will meet the most demanding enterprise need…
How to accelerate a data culture with pervasive BI throughout your organization
Amir Netz; Kim Manis; Miguel Martinez; Priya Sathy; Sujata Narayana; Tessa Hurr; Vijay Gopalakrishnan; Will Thompson

In order to build an organizational data culture, BI needs to be woven into the fabric of the organization. Join us for demos and discussion on the roadmap for how Microsoft Power BI will deeply integ…
Bring insights to where the work gets done with Power BI and Microsoft Office

BI is inherently a collaborative process. Learn how to bring Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office together to get insights to where people work and collaborate. This session covers how Power BI is…
What’s new and coming in Power BI for enterprise-scale deployments
Christian Wade

Microsoft Power BI enables you to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions that deliver actionable insights. This session focuses on enterprise deployments requiring scalability, manag…
Three ways that AI is changing BI
Justyna Lucznik

Business demands have evolved from executives asking what and when something happened, to asking why it happened—and what will occur in the future. In this session we look at three market trends where…
What’s new in Paginated Reports
Chris Finlan

Experience the benefits of Paginated Reports available in Microsoft Power BI Premium. Paginated reports, long the standard report format in SQL Server Reporting Services, are now available in the Powe…
What’s new this month in Power BI Desktop
Sujata Narayana

Get a lightning tour around the latest release of Microsoft Power BI Desktop! Come and see the features that we’ll be shipping in the May release of Desktop.
Real-time reporting with Power BI
Miguel Martinez; Peter Myers

Want to report on data from your systems as it happens? Microsoft Power BI supports a variety of methods to get insights on data in near-real time, and in this session we show you a variety of techniq…
Designing a Power BI Paginated Report
Peter Myers

In this presentation, learn about Power BI paginated reports, and see an end-to-end demonstration showing you how to design and publish one. You’ll also learn how they’re different from Power BI repor…
Authentication patterns for Power BI embedding
Ted Pattison

The session examines common development scenarios with Power BI embedding and the different ways in which an application developer can interact with Azure Active Directory to authenticate users and to…
Big data analytics with Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics
Vijay Gopalakrishnan

In this session, we will walk-through the Power BI experiences in Azure Synapse Analytics and our vision in this space.
Creating accessible reports in Power BI
Meagan Longoria; Tessa Hurr

According to the US Census Bureau, 19 percent of the population had a disability in 2010. Do you know if your reports are designed in an inclusive way such that everyone in your intended audience can…
Business insights on the go with Power BI Mobile
Maya Shenhav; Michal Foster

Microsoft Power BI Mobile is the leading mobile BI app in the market. Join this session to learn all about the new look of Power BI Mobile and see what’s coming with building mobile optimized reports…
Introducing deployment pipelines: The future of content lifecycle management in Power BI
Nimrod Shalit

BI professionals continuously improve datasets, reports, and dashboards to provide their users with the best analytics experience, but managing all those content updates can be a challenge. In this se…
Power BI marketplace template apps
Teddy Bercovitz

With Power BI marketplace template apps, customers can explore and gain insights from first and third party data sources with a few clicks. Come to this session to understand what template apps are av…
Power BI: Roadmap for enterprise information management – data protection, data lineage and impact analysis, and data discovery and catalog
Adi Regev; Yaron Canari

BI professionals use Microsoft Power BI today to build complex analytical projects spanning multiple data sources, artifacts, and dependencies. This session covers some of the new experiences we’re in…
Power BI and Microsoft Information Protection: The game changer for secure BI
Adi Regev; Anton Fritz

BI professionals use Microsoft Power BI today to build complex analytical projects spanning multiple data sources, artifacts, and dependencies. This session covers some of the new experiences we’re in…
Learn how to govern Power BI visuals inside your organization
Ranin Salameh

With the large variety of visuals and related options, learn how to govern and manage Microsoft Power BI visuals inside your organization, and learn what’s coming soon!
What’s new and what’s next in Power BI embedded analytics
Alon Baram; Amit Shuster

Until recently, embedding Power BI analytics into applications was primarily associated with ISVs quickly and easily providing customer-facing reports and dashboards in their own SaaS offerings, using…
Learn about our data connector ecosystem in Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Azure Logic Apps
Bob Zhang

In this session, learn all our data connectors for Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate. Connectors are essential in empowering users to do more with their data in the Power Platform, and…
Power Platform and Excel: Connect and transform data from hundreds of data sources using Power Query
Dharini Sundaram; Miguel Llopis

Business users spend a significant amount of their time working on data preparation before the data is ready to be used. Power Query and M are Microsoft’s data connectivity and data preparation techno…
Power BI Premium and how to get the most out of it
David Magar

Learn about new features and techniques to manage Microsoft Power BI Premium. This session is recommended for anyone who is responsible for the management of their Power BI Premium deployment.
Gaining insights on Common Data Service data by continuously exporting to Azure Data Lake
Mudit Mittal; Sabin Nair

Export to data lake service simplifies the technical and administrative complexity of operationalizing entities for analytics and managing schema and data. In this session, learn how to link your Comm…
Best practices to install and manage on-premises data gateway
Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer

In this session, learn best practices for setup and configuration of the on-premises data gateway along with troubleshooting tips and tricks, investigate bottlenecks, and resolve your common gateway e…
Power Platform: Enterprise-grade ETL and data preparation using dataflows
Ben Sack; Miguel Llopis

Preparing and defining ETL for business intelligence, app development, and process automation is a significant challenge for businesses today — ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment are…



Relevant sessions from the Dynamics 365 FastTrack team


Embracing citizen developer adoption in a customer engagement world using Power Platform
John Estrada

Share best practices for challenges and opportunities of utilizing both citizen developer adoption and customer engagement models within the same organization. Deployment of customer engagement with i…
Re-imagining end user experience on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
Danielle Aronson

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement customers will need to transition from use of Classic UI to Unified Interface. It’s an opportunity for our customers to deliver a world-class UI to their end…
Data management strategies with Dynamics 365: How to turn data into insight for your users
Kuntal Ghoshal

With the desire to extract insights from increasingly large data sets, what Microsoft Power Platform strategies should be used to best bring impact to your users? Learn how throttling is intended to d…
Dynamics 365 CE Application Lifecyle Management Best Practices: A key factor to successful implementation
Gregg Barker

Learn how to fully automate the entire application lifecyle management process on Dynamics 365 customer engagement.
Using classic Workflow? There is a better way to automate our business process
Dean Hardy

Share the best practice in using Microsoft Power Automate to automate your business process to improve productivity in your day-to-day activities.
Rethink your configuration and customization strategy on Power Platform
Vinoth Balaubramanian

With innovations and investments in Microsoft Power Platform, how should we rethink our configuration and customization approaches to take advantage of new and future investments.





Certification and Training for Power Platform
Margo Crandall

Join this session to get an update on our recent investments in self-paced and instructor led training and certifications for critical roles to enable adoption in your organization like App Maker, Dat…



Industry Accelerators



Industry panel: How business applications offerings align to drive impact for customers and partners
Kim Mathisen; Lorraine Bardeen; Sara Nagy

Hear from Microsoft executives in the Business Applications Industry and Customer Success team on how we are approaching the development of industry solutions, with custom data models and templates, b…
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Accelerator
Omar Choudhry

Manufacturing companies are innovating to to be more predictable, agile, and provide more personalized experiences. At the core of this transformation is the ability to tap into the volumes of availab…
Future of enhanced care coordination with Dynamics and Power Platform in healthcare
Edgar Wilson II

The Healthcare CDM is the foundational component within the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 that enables partners and customers to quickly build vertical healthcare solutions. The…
Future of customer experience through the Financial Services Accelerator
James Galvin

Financial services organizations are innovating to provide differentiated and personalized experiences. At the core of this transformation is the ability to tap into the volumes of available data—from…
Healthcare industry update
Edgar Wilson II

How can technology be used to help the healthcare industry during the current COVID-19 crisis? How is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 application for healthcare is at the core of Microsoft’s strategy? Join u…
Drive expanded fan engagement through the Media Accelerator
Martin Wahl

Successful media and entertainment providers know the key to success is understanding your audience and then personalizing that experience. From sports arenas and teams, tourist attractions and theme…
Building education solutions for the 21st century and beyond
Meenoo Rami

Industry Accelerators are foundational components within the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 that enable partners and customers to quickly build industry vertical solutions. The Dynamics 365…
View the future of the automotive business
Ilan Ostfeld

Industry Accelerators are foundational components within the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 that enable partners and customers to quickly build industry vertical solutions. Automotive Showc…
Partner interview: Nonprofit and healthcare
Edgar Wilson II; Greg Teich

The nonprofit and healthcare industries are using technology to adjust to the rapid global changes from COVID-19. Join us for an interview of nonprofit and healthcare partners to learn how they are ut…
Driving social impact with Power Platform apps: Nonprofit Toolkit and Program Design
Erin Mchugh Saif; Meenoo Rami

No-code and low-code solutions can be a game-changer for nonprofit and humanitarian organizations where IT resources are limited, but the commitment to the mission is ubiquitous. Learn about the late…
Driving nonprofit sector interoperability with the Common Data Model for Nonprofits and Nonprofit Accelerator
Erin Mchugh Saif

From program delivery to fundraising to beneficiary management, nonprofits are under tremendous pressure to expand their programming to meet new needs, operate efficiently, and demonstrate measurable…