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More Environments, More Places, and More Capabilities When You Need Them

Headshot of article author Marc Mercuri

Customer feedback on Dataverse for Teams has been clear. They like what they see and want to both deploy environments at even larger scale and do those deployments from more places.  If their needs change over time, they also want to have a clear, easy way to upgrade to Dataverse to get even more capacity or capabilities.

We have exciting details to share in all three areas today.

More Environments

At launch, Dataverse for Teams provided entitlements of up to 500 environments.

After customers had an opportunity to use it and understand what it could do for their business, they quickly told us that they wanted more – much more.  They had visions of how they wanted to leverage it across their business and to realize those visions they told us they could need thousands of environments.

We are very happy to announce that we have dramatically increased the possible number of entitlements for Dataverse for Teams.

Based on the number of Microsoft 365 seats an organization has, this change will result in automatic entitlement increases of up to a total of 10,000 environments.

This enables customers to get up to a 20x increase in their environments and provide the ability to typically store 1 billion rows across all of them.

This increase is already rolling out worldwide and will be complete on 3/19.

Additional details on environment entitlements can be found here.

More Places

The demand for Dataverse for Teams is global and we’ve been asked to make it possible to create Dataverse for Teams environments from even more places.

We’ve listened to these requests and today customers in South Africa, Switzerland, and the UAE can now create Dataverse for Teams environments.

More Capacity and Capabilities When You Need Them

When we launched Dataverse for Teams, we talked about our vision for enabling customers to do an “in place” upgrade of their Dataverse for Teams environments to Dataverse.  This allows customers to start out with Dataverse for Teams and know that they can easily get more capacity and capabilities if they need them in the future.

We are also sharing today that this capability is now available to Dataverse for Teams customers.


Thank you for your continued interest in Dataverse for Teams, we’re excited to see what you build with it.