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New support for image and file data types in Dataverse customer managed key (CMK) environments

Headshot of article author Nathan Helgren

Dataverse customer managed key (CMK) environments can now support the use of the Dataverse file column (a.k.a., File data type) and image column (Image Data Type) as of version: 9.2.21052.00103.   Files and images uploaded will be encrypted at rest and secured using the customer’s provided key.

At this time, files within CMK environments are limited to a maximum size of 128MB per file. All files within CMK environments will be stored in the Dataverse data storage, instead of Dataverse file blob storage.

This will be enabled by default if you have a CMK environment with a version equal to or greater than 9.2.21052.00103, and you have provided a key.

Other limitations:

  • User delegation SAS downloads are not supported.
  • Chunking uploads and downloads are limited to a single chunk.

For information about setting up a CMK environment, read the following: