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Announcing new Admin and Maker Connectors for PowerApps and Flow

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Now available in public preview are four new Connectors that let you access resources in the Power Platform in an Admin or Maker scope. These Connectors are accompanying the Flow Management Connector, which gives you just about as much control over access to these resources as we have.



Similar to the PowerShell cmdlets for PowerApps, we have exposed the Power Platform APIs as Standard Connectors so you can more easily interact with PowerApps and Flow resources within PowerApps and Flow. To add these Connectors to your project, search for them like any Connector either in a Canvas App, or add an action in Flow.

The Admin Connectors (Powerplatform for Admins, Microsoft Flow for Admins and PowerApps for Admins) will give the user access to resources tenant-wide, whereas the Maker Connector (PowerApps for App Makers) only gives access to the resources if the user has some ownership of the resource (e.g., Owner, Editor, Shared with, etc.).



Any user with a valid PowerApps license can create a connection to the PowerApps for App Makers Connector.

Creating a connection to Powerplatform for Admins, Microsoft Flow for Admins and PowerApps for Admins Connectors requires the following to work properly. Anyone can create a Connection to the admin Connectors, but will hit an error if they don’t have the correct license.

  • A paid PowerApps Plan 2 license or a PowerApps Plan 2 trial license. You can sign-up for a 30-day trial license at Trial licenses can be renewed if they've expired.
  • Office 365 Global Administrator or Azure Active Directory Global Administrator permissions if you need to search through another user’s resources. (Note that Environment Admins only have access to those environments and environment resources for which they have permissions, and global admins can see all resources across the tenant.)


Connector Browser tool

Use this PowerApp that acts as an Connector Browser to test out these Connectors. The purpose of this app is to make it easier to understand how to use each operation. All methods available in the Connectors are implemented and ready for use. Read through the provided definitions and example images to see how to implement these operations.

Download the Connector Browser tool export package here and import it into your Environment.

To run the operations, choose one of the connector functions on the left side of the screen, make sure all input parameters have values, and click the submit button. To view the implementations, open the tool in the studio and view the OnSelect property of the ‘SUBMIT’ button that runs the operations. Read the descriptions and look at the images provided by clicking the camera button on the right hand side of the description panel.





Example Scenario: Scheduled Flow to Get list of new PowerApps and Flows

A new Flow template using the admin Connectors is also new available. Use this template to generate reports of new PowerApps, Flows and Connectors that have been created over a specified time interval.

You can find the template here.





Connectors and Operations


BapAdmin Power Platform for Admins


Read, delete Environments Get-AdminEnvironment
Create, read, update, delete Environment Role Assignments Get-AdminEnvironmentRoleAssignment
Read, update DLP Policies Get-AdminDlpPolicy



FlowAdmin Microsoft Flow for Admins


Update, delete Flows Enable-AdminFlow
Create, read, update, delete Flow Role Assignments Get-AdminFlowOwnerRole
Read, delete Flow User Details Get-AdminFlowUserDetails
Delete Flow Approvals Remove-AdminFlowApproval



PowerAppsAdmin PowerApps for Admins


Read, delete PowerApps (Canvas) Get-AdminApp
Create, read, update, delete App Role Assignments Get-AdminAppRoleAssignment
Read Custom Connectors Get-AdminConnectors
Create, read, update, delete Admin Connector Role Assignments Get-AdminApp
Read, delete Connections Get-AdminConnections
Create, read, update, delete Connection Role Assignments Get-AdminConnectionRoleAssignment



PowerAppsMaker PowerApps for App Makers


Read, update, delete PowerApps (Canvas) Get-App
Create, read, update, delete App Role Assignments Get-AppRoleAssignment
Read, restore App Versions Get-AppVersions
Read Connectors Get-Connector
Create, read, update, delete Connector Role Assignments Get-ConnectorRoleAssignment
Read, delete Connections Get-Connections
Create, read, update, delete Connection Role Assignments Get-ConnectionRoleAssignment
Read Environments (where user is admin) Get-Environments


Known Issues

Limitation on page size

Some operations that return a large payload of items will be paged, so not all items are returned on the first request. To get the next page requires a skiptoken from the nextLink field if it’s provided in the response (example implantation provided in the API Browser below). Here are the operations affected by this:

  • Power Platform for Admins / Get-AdminEnvironment (page size: 15)
  • PowerApps for Admins / Get-AdminApps (page size: 100)