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Open a main record in a dialog in a model driven app

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Open a record in a main form dialog

With the April 2020 preview release of the Unified Interface for model-driven apps in Power Apps we have added a new feature where you can now open a record in a dialog. Using the Main Form Dialog (MFD) users no longer need to navigate away from a main form. With this feature you can now open a related record entity on a parent or base form without requiring the user to navigate away, your users can stay in context and edit an existing record or create a new one. This feature will be supported using the navigateTo api’s and can be called using java script from the command bar, an event, a subgrid, a lookup, or from a plugin.

The record will open in a modal dialog and users will have access to the command bar, header and tabs that you defined for the records main form. The below is an example of a contact record opened in a Main Form Dialog from an account record.

Contact entity MFD
Contact entity MFD


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