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Sharing canvas apps with guests in your organization is generally available

Headshot of article author Austin Laugesen

Based on feedback from the community we have been working hard to bring the ability for you to share canvas apps with users outside of your organization. This is particularly useful when the working group for your business process includes external employees which can use the same canvas app to view or record data as internal employees. For instance, can share his canvas app with, a guest of the Contoso organization, to collaborate with Tina. No changes to your app are required to share with guests and sharing with a guest is the same experience as sharing with a user internal to your organization.


To share canvas apps with users outside of your organization be sure to review how to do this in the documentation

In addition to being able to share standalone canvas apps with guests, guests of a SharePoint site can now access custom forms published with a SharePoint list. As long as the guest has permission to access the list, they’ll also be able to access the custom form.