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Simple Image control for model driven apps

Headshot of article author Christopher Moncayo

Earlier in 2020, we announced the preview for large images within model apps. Part of this announcement was the preview for our image annotation control, which allows for images to be added to a form and then the ability for them to be marked up with any additional information.  This is great for field service and similar scenarios where would you want to take a photo and then potentially highlight an area.

As a platform we wanted to also provide a way for makers to provide a simple image experience which uses less overhead.  Today we’re pleased to announce the addition of the simple image control for model driven apps.

The new experience consists of a file picker button, thumbnail along with open and delete buttons.  The open button will retrieve the full photo in a new browser tab.  This experience simplifies the UI for users and saves additional overhead for displaying the larger images within the form.

We will be starting to roll this out as the default experience for image columns as part of the image preview at the end of January 2021.

Edit Feb 16, 2021.  We’re currently evaluating the Image Annotation Control for GA and have removed it from our preview until further notice.

As always, let us know what you think in the Power Apps forums.