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The PowerApps portal is now faster to load

Headshot of article author Matthew Bolanos

One of the things we care most about on the PowerApps team is delivering reliable and performant experiences. We know that it doesn’t matter how easy-to-use or powerful a product is if it isn’t speedy and bug free.

In order to drive the performance our customers have grown to expect, we’ve invested in a new UI framework that significantly reduces the number of calls and download size of PowerApps.

This framework has already been live in the modern form and view designer, but starting today, we’re now rolling it out for the entire maker portal. As we’ve tested out the changes internally, we’ve seen median load times for the PowerApps homepage decrease by over half thanks to the over 70% reduction in initial load size, so we’re incredibly excited to share these performance improvements with you.

Under the hood, we also made it easier and faster for our engineers to build new features within PowerApps, which translates to more features shipping to you even sooner! Some of these features built on the new UI framework are already almost done, so stay tuned for more improvements within the portal experience over the next month.

We’re started the rollout in Australia, and over the course of the next couple weeks, we’ll roll it out worldwide. If you want to start playing with the faster bits even earlier, check it out at