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Unsaved Changes Dialog in the Unified Interface

Headshot of article author Mark Spilde

With the October 2019 preview release of the Unified Interface for model-driven apps in PowerApps we have made improvements when you have unsaved changes and try to go to another record or form that requires you to navigate away from the form or record you are working on.

In the previous release the dialog did not clearly indicate the action you are taking and the results of the buttons when clicked.

With the new unsaved dialog actions we have changed the wording to be more clear and it will take you to the record or page you want to go to without additional clicks.

  • Save and Continue will attempt to save your information and open the page you wanted to go to.
  • Discard will not attempt to save information and discard the changes and open the page where you want to go.
  • The “x” in the upper right will close the dialog and keep you on the page so you can continue working on the current record.


If you choose to save and continue and there is an error on a field, the dialog will close and you will remain on the page to fix the error before you can navigate away.

We hope these changes make unsaved changes much easier to manage with clear messaging and navigation that improves your overall productivity with records in model-driven PowerApps.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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