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A powerful, built-in data platform

Create enterprise-grade apps with Common Data Service for Apps—built into PowerApps.


Build faster with Common Data Service for Apps

Make it easier to bring your data together and quickly create powerful apps using Common Data Service for Apps, a compliant and scalable data service and app platform that’s integrated into PowerApps.

Built on the foundation of the common data model

By defining a set of over 200 standard business entities, the common data model makes it easier for both you and third-parties to build apps. Tailor the model to your specific business needs by extending with custom entities and fields.

Automate your apps with a business process engine

Guide people through business processes, start workflows automatically, and provide rules for your data validation using business process flows. Make your apps smarter with visually defined server-side logic that can set default values or provide validation logic.

Get a single source of truth across your organization

As Common Data Service for Apps standardizes your data through the common data model, it’s easier to build and run apps using the same data. And because Dynamics 365 applications are natively built on it, you can also build apps without needing additional data integration. All with the enterprise-grade security and manageability of PowerApps.

Use data from industry partners

Dun & Bradstreet

Improve data accuracy across your apps


Enable end-to-end views across marketing

CUNA Mutual Group

Drive insights with AdvantEdge Analytics’ banking solutions


Address healthcare challenges and improve business outcomes

Build apps without limits

Use a variety of development and application lifecycle management tools to meet your needs—whether simple or complex. Pro developers can use the Common Data Service for Apps software development kit (SDK) and code plugins to build apps and create customizations using familiar tools like Visual Studio.