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The Common Data Service is designed for all our business customers, from the smallest shops to the largest enterprises. The common data model includes a set of standard entities that address many common business scenarios, and you saw in the previous topic that you can extend those standard entities if necessary. But sometimes you need something completely different to solve problems specific to your business. In that case you need a custom entity, and we'll show you how to build one in this topic.

There are two ways to create an entity:

  • Create the entity from scratch. This is what we'll do in this topic.
  • Create an entity that is based on another entity, by copying the fields and settings of that entity, but not its data.

Creating an entity from scratch

For this example, we'll create a custom entity called Product review, from scratch. To start, on the Entities tab click New Entity. Enter an Entity name (no spaces or special characters), a friendly Display name, and a meaningful Description. Then click Next.

New entity

On the next screen, you see the five default fields that all standard and custom entities contain. Click Add field to start adding your own.

Default entity fields

For this example, let's add four fields:

  • Review Date, which is a date field, and is required.
  • Product Rating, which is an integer field, and is required. We could use a picklist here that allows you to specify only certain values (like 1-5), but we'll keep it simple right now.
  • Reviewer Name, which is a text field, and isn't required
  • Reviewer Comment, which is a text field, and also isn't required.

When you're happy with the entity, click Create. When the entity is created, it doesn't have any data in it. We'll show how to import data in the next topic.

Custom entity fields

Creating a relationship between two entities

Because we want to associate each review with a particular product, we need to create a relationship between the Product review entity and the Product entity. In the Product review entity, on the Relationships tab, click New relationship. Then select a Related entity, and enter a Name, a Display name, and a Description. Click Save to create the relationship.

Create relationship between entities

Connecting to a custom entity in PowerApps Studio

Connecting to a custom entity in PowerApps Studio is just like connecting to a standard entity. Click New, then under Common Data Service, click Phone layout. You see available data connections on the left and the list of entities on the right.

Connect to entity in PowerApps Studio

In the next topic, we'll show you how to manage data in the Common Data Service.