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Now that you know the basics of PowerApps, let's jump into a quick tour of how to get started with apps. We'll look at sample apps, creating apps from a template, using shared apps, and creating apps from a data source. In the next topic, we will get more hands-on with app creation.

Check out some sample apps

In web.powerapps.com, you'll be greeted with several sample apps that you can use in your web browser. Explore these apps to get a quick sense of what's possible and how PowerApps can help your business.

PowerApps sample apps

Each sample app is designed for a specific purpose, such as managing a budget, inspecting a site, or tracking service tickets. These apps contain sample data to inspire your thinking. This app illustrates how a flooring company could help service representatives deliver accurate and immediate cost estimates when visiting customer locations.

PowerApps flooring sample app

Create an app from a template

Another good way to start is by building an app from a template. Templates are basically sample apps that you can open to understand how they are put together. They use sample data to help you get a sense of what's possible, and opening them in PowerApps Studio will help you see hands-on how an app is built. Note that templates are available only in PowerApps Studio for Windows at this time, not PowerApps Studio for web.

PowerApps app template

For example, with the Budget Tracker template, you can create an app that helps you track the budget for projects and events, with custom categories, easy data entry, and visuals that clearly show expenditures.

PowerApps budget tracker template

Use shared apps

If your team has started using PowerApps, people might have shared apps with you already. When people share apps with you, they show up in AppSource and also in Dynamics 365 if you choose to include them there. If you're a contributor to those apps, they also show up in web.powerapps.com.

PowerApps sharing

Create an app from a data source

Create apps in PowerApps Studio for web or PowerApps Studio for Windows. You'll be able to connect to data sources and start composing apps in a visual designer.

PowerApps app from data

A great way to get started is to generate an app from your own data. Just point PowerApps at the data source of your choice (for example, a SharePoint list) and watch as PowerApps automatically builds a three-screen app for browsing the list, viewing detailed records, and editing data. You can then start customizing this app to look and behave exactly how you want. We will see how the following app is created in the next topic.

PowerApps three screen app

You can also build applications from scratch and add all the pieces as you go, but the easiest way to learn about PowerApps is to start with a sample or a template, or connect to your data source and have PowerApps generate the app for you. Then you can branch out and let your imagination run wild—there will be plenty of that later in the course! In the next topic, you will learn how to generate an app from data.