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In the first two topics in this section, you generated an app from a SharePoint list and explored the app to get a better understanding of how three screen apps are composed. The app that PowerApps generated is useful, but you will often customize an app after it's generated. In this topic, we'll walk through some basic changes for each screen in the app. There is a lot more you can do to customize an app - we'll get to that in later topics. In the meantime, you can take what you learn in this topic and build on it. Take any app you generate-from a list, an Excel file, or another source-and see how you can customize it. It really is the best way to learn how apps are put together.

Browse screen

We'll start with the browse screen. The SharePoint list contains an image for each product but the image isn't displayed by default. Let's fix that. In the right-hand pane, on the Layout tab, select a different layout for the browse screen. You see the results right away because PowerApps updates the app as you make changes.

Change the browse screen layout

With the right basic layout, now change the fields that are displayed. Click or tap a field in the first item, then in the right-hand pane, change the data that is displayed for each item. This provides a better summary of each item in the list.

Change the browse screen fields

Details screen

On the details screen, we want to change the order of the fields and display the image also. There are different controls on this screen, so the process is a little different from the browse screen. Click or tap a field, then in the right-hand pane, drag the Title field to the top. Then click or tap the Image field to display it.

Change the detail screen fields

Edit/create screen

Finally, on the screen where you edit and create entries, we want to change a field so that it's easier to enter text. Click or tap the drop-down list for the Overview field, and then click or tap the Edit Multi-line Text control.

Change the edit screen fields

You can see how a few basic steps can do a lot to improve the appearance and experience of using a generated app. In this topic, we focused on the PowerApps Studio UI, which provides a lot of options for customizing your apps. In the next topic, we'll get into formulas, which play an important role in driving app behavior.