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Confluent - Industrial Pump Repair

Confluent’s Industrial Pump Repair app is an end-to-end industry solution that replaces paper-based processes, captures tribal knowledge, generates real-time progress reports, and creates detailed audit histories required for legal compliance.


While many organizations in the industrial pump industry have adopted developments in technology for QA and specification tests, most still use paper-based processes to document the repair process. Prior to PowerApps, tackling such a complex process with a cost-effective custom mobile application seemed nearly impossible. The industry was forced to live with the inability to track real-time progress, or have the visibility to allow for analyzing the efficiencies of each process step. Generating and managing legally required audit histories was an administrative burden. Duplicate data entry, data errors, and other inefficiencies of a paper-based process slowed the throughput of each shop. In a world where downtime equals money, this inevitably led to lost revenue and frustrated consumers.


Confluent’s Industrial Pump Repair app provides significant reductions in process time by allowing service centers to document the pump repair process from start to finish on a mobile device, including image capture. Jobs can be raised in a Microsoft or custom ERP solution to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Using PowerApps as an end-to-end solution, receivers can automatically generate a job in the core system before a broken pump leaves its facility. During the breakdown process, photo documentation and specific pump forms capture not only the right information, but the right amount. Reports detailing how the pump was received, why the pump failed, how to fix it, and where it is in the process are shared in real time.

As the pump is reassembled, technicians can automatically access OEM specifications, document what parts are needed, and communicate seamlessly with the operations manager, internal staff, and customers. Since all data is stored electronically, detailed audit histories are updated every time a particular pump or piece of equipment is serviced.


  • Auto-generated customer reports in real time
  • Knowledge sharing and visual documentation
  • Minimized downtime and predictive maintenance
  • Detailed audit histories

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