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Confluent - Industrial Process Automation

Confluent’s series of Complex Industrial Equipment Process Automation apps provides optimal operational efficiency with electronic data capture, standardized processes and reporting, and streamlined workflows.


No matter the industry, organizations that rely on manual, paper-based processes face similar challenges. When data lives in a filing cabinet, it is nearly impossible to analyze that data and identify trends in order to streamline and improve business processes. Duplicate data entry and errors are common. Providing timely, accurate reports to customers is a struggle. When multiple locations are involved, the lack of standardized processes becomes an operational nightmare.


In response to these and other challenges, Confluent developed a series of Complex Industrial Equipment Process Automation apps that can be customized to improve operational efficiency in any organization or industry. These solutions have proven to be especially valuable in the manufacturing and equipment repair fields. Simply rebuilding existing paper forms is shortsighted, as automating inefficient processes ignores the opportunity to improve those processes. The key is to pay close attention to the process itself, and then recreate the natural flow of data capture inside PowerApps.

The end result is forms that are designed to match the flow of work on the shop floor. With business rule-driven validation, drop-downs, and Lean Six Sigma principles built-in, these apps provide improved data quality, automated data reporting and distribution, mandatory quality control, visual management, and real-time customer-facing and internal outputs as work is delivered. Reports and analytics are generated automatically and standardized across the entire organization, making it quick and easy to onboard new employees or acquisitions.


  • Data consistency and improved data quality with predictive analytics
  • ERP integration and optimization
  • Real-time report availability
  • Rapid onboarding of new employees and acquisitions
  • Workforce mobilization

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