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Full Circle Technologies, LLC - Environmental Compliance Log

A full circle suite of collaboration, analysis, and mobile applications for the management of large construction projects in Office 365. Specialties in Wastewater, Water Resources, Transportation, Bridges, and Tunnels.

The Environmental Compliance Log App is designed to submit non-compliance notifications, based on a list of Checklist questions related to the Environmental Footprint checklist items. Non-compliance data is collected from the field using the Power App on a mobile phone or tablet, and then it is submit to the SharePoint Online Team or Group Site.

Environmental Compliance is divided into 8 categories:
  1. Air Pollution Controls
  2. Water Pollution Control
  3. Noise Mitigation
  4. Protection of Fauna/Flora and Historical Heritage
  5. Chemical Storage
  6. Waste Management
  7. Natural Resource Protection
  8. Emergency Incident Planning
Business Consumers of this App may use the checklist items provided for each category, or add their own customized checklist items.

Business Rules:
  • Business Consumers may choose to configure automated Yammer/Slack notifications to the business based on non-compliance category, or count of non-compliance incidents per contractor zone.
  • Business Consumers may choose to configure ticketing emails with the appropriate metadata for automated ticketing based on non-compliance category, or count of non-compliance incidents per contractor zone.

  • Daily Logs are rolled-up into a two part summary report per Environmental Lead Inspector throughout the day.
  • Part A: Total Count of Non-Compliance Reported for the Day by the Current User, and
  • Part B: Pie Chart showing percentage of non-compliance issues reported by the [Current User] [Today] by checklist category

Power BI:
The Environmental Footprint Content Pack plugs into the SharePoint Lists (Checklist & Non-Compliance Logs) for dynamic review of logs over time. Enables analysis of environmental impacts by Category, Contractor Zone, Construction Phase, and Inspector.

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