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Ramp Technology Group LLC - QA Control

Design and develop tablet applications to empower shop floor workers and improve their manufacturing processes

Manufacturing organizations are looking for ways to utilize technology to make significant improvements in the manufacturing process at their Redmond manufacturing complex.

Typically the Quality Check process is performed manually using paper check sheets. The QC process performs a series of safety and quality checks on the manufactured product before it is shipped to the customer. After these QC checks are completed they are scanned and stored as they form a legal record that the checks were performed.

These standard check sheets weren’t specific to the configuration of the product being QC’d and were hard to update when the process or product changed. It was often hard to determine who did the safety check from the scanned form and no real time data existed that ensured all checks were actually performed.

Key success factors for the solution:

  • Save time on the shop floor
  • Get better visibility to what is happening
  • Get better at paperwork
  • Provide the shop floor employee improved instructional information
  • Each step has detailed instructions including optional photo available.

Customer manufacturing shop floor resources scan the barcode on the machine by clicking on the camera or can enter the product code manually in the box provided. Once the submit button is clicked it will display the product details and the available processes for that particular unit.

To summarize the key features:

  • The tablet application will allow to configure the steps and their order along with the instructional text and images:
  • Establish a technical foundation that can grow beyond check sheets and support complex processes
  • Link work instructions and pictures under audit steps
  • Make visible only the steps the QC resource is authorized to sign-off
  • Build in a hierarchy of steps so that audit can be performed in defined order
  • Link cert sheet to ERP build sheet so that audit is specific to options on that particular machine
  • Enforced safety and reliability checks prior to shipment improves customer satisfaction and reduces legal risk
  • Global update of new automated check sheets provides more thorough and accurate quality assurance over paper based static check sheets
  • Additional shop floor processes can be automated using the same technology platform.
  • No mobile app developer resources are needed to build or maintain the application

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