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Re: Email address different from office365 account

Users in Office 365 have both a User Principal Name (UPN) and an email address.  They are usually the same, but aren't required to be.  You should be able to get at both values, for example...

Re: Azure SQL (SaaS) as data source in PowerApps

Hello, You are correct. I was missing the primary Key in the table. Thank you for your help.

Re: New feature "Relational data, option sets, and new features for CDS" makes some option sets completely unsuable.

Hey @v-yuxima-msft , I resolved the issue by ensuring the other errors in the app were resolved, I think the text parser was having trouble enumerating variables due to existing errors.

Re: ComboBox randomly does not keep value after navigate to new screen

@v-monli-msft Have you seen anything similar to this happening before?

Re: Forcing Integer input for a Text Input Control

Hi @Eduardo_GzzC  Could you explain what it is about your code that doesn't work? In the test that I carried out, the text input control accepts whole numbers. If the input value includes nu...

Re: Date in a text label to be used as proper date in DATEDIFF

That was exactly what I needed/was missing @RandyHayes , thank you very much

Re: SaveData not working on iOS with PowerApps V3.19044.15

@PierreJoubert  Can you explain what exactly doing here? If better provide some repro steps to help resolve it soon for you.

Re: Disabling a button once it is pressed

I'll expand on @cwebb365 idea, Using a screen's OnVisible property do something like this: Set(_DisableButton, !_DisableButton)  then on the button's OnSelect property do something like ...

Re: How can I efficiently load 10,000 items from a SharePoint List into a Collection?

Hi @yashag2255  what is the advantage of doing this versus just using the ID field as is?

Re: [Idea] Harness should use standard CRM font

That would make a lot of sense, but, maybe, you could take it further and expose the styles somehow (if we wanted to inherit them we would. Otherwise we would use our own). It's not just the font - i...

Re: Data cards not staying in position

Interesting that the link to the idea is dead now... hm

Re: E5 users get "Get Powerapps Trail"

Hello @v-monli-msft , The account which i'm creating the app with is a E5 account. Can't see why i should need a Powerapps 2 license? /Softbear

The App i want to make :)

Hi all,    i want to create an app connected to a sharepoint list welcome screen create events screen (with signature) consult event screen leaderboard screen (admins *5 /with permis...

Re: Error connecting to SharePoint calendar list

Hi @MichaelBL    Could you please reference this? The first minutes of this video will show you create Calendar  and Connect to...

Images Folder in PowerApps

Hi,   I am in process of creating a Component for PowerApps. For which i need to have few images which are refernced in my CSS file.  How do i import the full image folder so all my CSS r...

onedrive for business connection how to find the excel file being used in a powerapp?

I've been working with Powerapps for a few months and I can't seem to find a way to know what excel file is being used as the data source. The documentation for the onedrive connector talks about fil...

Re: Custom control styling

Hi @ashlega there is currently no good way to do this in preview.  For GA of PCF, we plan to make these values available to the control developer through our new theming system.

Re: Filter On data source connection

Um, would you mind sharing a screenshot?   Thanks, 

Re: Sending data to a SQL server with a button push or checkbox in a table

Hi @samvanroy  If you hover the mouse over the squiggly red lines, can you tell us the error message that appears? Also, can you confirm that the field name in your Job table is called Seen?...

Re: Can we get the last ID in the sharepoint list using flow without submitting the form

Hi @cyberco01 ,   You need to make sure that this item is already created in SharePoint list. If it's not submitted, only exists in edit form, then it does not have ID.    ...

Re: Powerapps Formula to displaying lookup coloumn value from 2 sharepoint list

thank you so much for the reply @v-yuxima-msft    however, i still dont understand it. i'm a slow learner here and the powerapps its a new thing to me...   so, please help me ...

Re: Clearcollect(adminlist) question

I've tried your solutions, but i'm still getting the same error message, and not allowed to log in to the app as an admin.    ClearCollect(AllTickets,HelpDesk); ClearCollect(TaskCategori...

How can I allow the user to add a value to a dropdown list while editing a form?

This is my first PowerApps project so I'm not entirely sure where to start with this issue.     I'm creating a form for the end user to edit.  In this form I want there to be dropdow...

Re: How can I efficiently load 10,000 items from a SharePoint List into a Collection?

@yashag2255,   Thank you for your reply. I should have clarified earlier that I am now using a ComboBox, but the issue remains the same as my collection is still not populating as it ought.

Re: Weekly Sales Key In like Excel

Hi @ssl790 ,    For creating such an app with CDS, you have to create an entity first with attributes (Product Name, Monday - Sunday hours, total) While creating the total fie...