These webinars can help you to leverage the features and functions of Microsoft PowerApps. Please feel free to suggest additional topics in the comments under this topic.

Upcoming webinars

"Get started with forms in PowerApps" by Audrie Gordon
April 11, 2017, @ 10:00AM Pacific Time, 1:00PM Eastern Time

Take your form designs to the next level with form controls! In this webinar, you'll learn to:

  • Optimize forms for mobile-phone formats (targeting: finger-friendly and fast to complete)
  • Customize controls, and set your own default values (or calculations)
  • Configure cascading dropdown lists
  • Patch data for unstructured form formats

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"Get started with the Common Data Service" by Jono Luk
April 18, 2017, @ 10:00AM Pacific Time, 1:00PM Eastern Time

Learn more about this new and exciting data store!

  • What is the Common Data Service?
  • Standard vs. custom entities
  • Permissions and security
  • Data policies

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"Get started with media controls in PowerApps" by Audrie Gordon
April 25, 2017, @ 10:00AM Pacific Time, 1:00PM Eastern Time

PowerApps has seven media controls, which include the Barcode scanner and Video controls. This webinar will present key best practices regarding the use of these controls. Don’t miss out on this session, which will help you to enhance apps and make your PowerApps stand out in a crowd!

  • Camera and Image controls
  • Leverage the Video control
  • Use the language translator with the Audio control
  • Tips on scanning barcodes
  • Q&A

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"Get started with DevOps workflows in PowerApps" by Laura Onu
May 2, 2017, @ 10:00AM Pacific Time, 1:00PM Eastern Time

Laura Onu, senior program manager on the PowerApps team, will present how to integrate PowerApps into a DevOps workflow. Laura will cover strategies for process testing, migration from test to production, and deployment, and she'll finish with best practices for administration and security.

  • Learn best practices for application lifecycle management
  • See demonstrations of new features and services in the admin center

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"Best practices for PowerApps development" with Archana Nair and Dimah Zaidalklani
May 16, 2017, @ 10:00AM Pacific Time, 1:00PM Eastern Time

With six months of producing PowerApps applications inside of Microsoft and with our largest customers, the team has amassed a series of best practices, tips, and tricks for PowerApps development. In this week’s webinar, Archana Nair will walk you through her list of top tips that will help you be even more productive with your PowerApps development.

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