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As a tenant-level admin, enable your makers with Developer Environments

Headshot of article author Mankirat Kaur Bajwa

We are excited to share that tenant-level Global and Power Platform Administrators can now enable their app makers by creating Developer environments on makers’ behalf. This new capability gives your admin the right balance between control and maker empowerment. These developer environments enable your makers to build using premium capabilities like Dataverse, premium connectors and many more for free.

Tenant level admin experience

Tenant admin can use this experience to select ‘Owner’ from the organization for whom they want to create the developer environment. An admin will be able to create up to 3 developer environments for each owner. If no owner is selected the developer environment is created for the admin that is using this experience. These environments also get auto cleaned up in in case of 90days of inactivity, making it easier for admins to manage. These environments are unmanaged by default and can be made managed on tenant admin’s choice.

Experience for maker who is selected as the ‘Owner’

These developer environments provide the owner of the environment with a Developer plan that unlocks the full ability to build, test and run premium applications. This is a great way to enable makers in your organization who are yet to build using Dataverse or any other premium connector as the Developer environment provides a personal space to try before moving to production environment.

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