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Introducing new copilot answer control (Public Preview)

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We are proud to announce the public preview of new way to add generative AI to your applications – copilot answer control.
Frontline workers using their phone to access Power Apps need access to AI-synthesized information inline. This control enables makers to set predefined prompt that end users can quickly use to get insights using a single click, powered by Microsoft Copilot. This control has been optimized for mobile experiences and will bring answers to users’ common questions right at their fingertips. Getting an answer to commonly asked questions without needing to carry out deep interactions with the app will bring users to faster insights and enable them to be productive in their day-to-day work.

For example, if the source data is the daily schedule of an HVAC technician, and the preset question is “When is my next appointment?” the control will always show the time at which the next appointment starts. As the technician goes through their day and appointments get closed, the control will automatically update itself to reflect the time of the next appointment.
Makers can access this new preview control from the studio as shown below and can then drop it onto their canvas app.
Insert > Modern > Copilot answer (preview) OR Insert > Classic > Copilot answer (preview)

Once the maker adds the control to the canvas app, they need to bind it to a data source (we currently support Dataverse only) and then put in the question in the properties pane as shown. The maker can select other control properties and set them as applicable.

Once the properties are defined, the app can be published, and the end user can press the button as shown and the control will generate the response.

Users have the option to regenerate the response and provide feedback on the quality of the response.

This feature will be available in the latest version of Power Apps.

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