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Microsoft Copilot and Power Apps transforming how people engage with apps

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Microsoft Copilot is transforming the way people work: how developers write code, makers build apps, and IT admins manage security. For Power Apps, we are infusing AI into the apps people use every day – to request travel, manage inventory, register for a conference, or forecast sales – so they can work faster and smarter. Copilot can bring step-function productivity gains by providing in-context assistance for end-users throughout the app experience. From text input drafting, to form fill assistance, to chat-based data insights, Copilot saves users time and improves the quality of their input and insights.

Copilot assists filling out forms

Many work apps require form input that can be lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming. Copilot can save dozens of clicks and keystrokes with AI-driven form fill assistance. Leveraging end-user usage patterns, previous input, and information in the form, Copilot generates suggestions that you simply review inline and accept. Form fill assistance is available for all Power Apps and Dynamics 365 model-driven apps in English language on the web with “New Look” enabled.

Form fill assistance

Draft text input with Copilot

Some apps need longer text input – whether crafting a travel justification, describing a customer problem, or writing a business update. Copilot can provide contextual help for you find the right words and tone, saving time and improving writing clarity. Copilot assistance automatically shows up for multiline or rich text inputs in canvas apps; no maker intervention or configuration changes are needed. Customers have told us how much they love this. Alicja Gilderdale from VMware called draft with Copilot “the most straightforward and best feature genuinely making a difference without a learning curve.”
Draft with Copilot

Insights with Copilot

Not only can Copilot provide input assistance, but it can also help you understand the app’s output. With Copilot chat in model-driven and canvas apps, users can get insights about the app’s data and navigate the app simply using natural language. You can ask Copilot to find the highest revenue account, sites that are out of inventory, or the owner of a specific opportunity. We have made many improvements in the last few months, including dozens of quality enhancements, new prompt suggestions, and a prompt library to guide you towards useful questions that Copilot can help with. And the new record picker makes it easy to specify which contact, customer, or opportunity you’re asking about.

Copilot chat

Get started today

These Copilot capabilities are available in public preview for Power Apps users today. Learn more about enabling form fill assistance, draft with Copilot, and Copilot chat. For Dynamics 365 users, see licensing requirements for Copilot chat and form fill assistance.