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When you climb Mount Everest, do you look for a guide that has never set foot on the mountain? I hope you would say NO. Instead - you look at their Safety Records, Guide Experience, Logistics, Pre-Trip Planning and Success Rate.

Similarly in business you want a guide that has been down that road. Technology is moving forward at lighting speeds. You need strategic solutions and a partner that will carry your business into the future. Here is why JourneyTEAM is your best decision...

What you can expect from JourneyTEAM. We provide creative solutions that solve business problems. Together we lock arms and build a end-to-end solutions that give you lasting and sustainable growth.

What we expect from our team members. We are a group of innovators that do business honorably. We clearly communicate. We're accountable and we strive to give you a consistent experience from sales, to delivery, to support.

Improve the businesses & lives of others. We have a growth mindset and are relentless in the pursuit of excellence. We simplify and effectively use technology to create a positive, and lasting impact on the world.

We Have Over 24 Years of Experience 
JourneyTEAM has a proven track record with more than 24 years of successfully delivering business IT solutions to other organizations.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
We have met Microsoft’s highest certification level by providing customer reference, passing relevant tests and working hand in hand with Microsoft to deliver successful solutions to customers.

Breadth of Expertise
Microsoft’s greatest strength is the breadth of their solution offering across business needs and their ability to integrate those solutions. There are not many partners that can offer the same depth of experience across Microsoft tools such as Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 within one unified team.

Proven Delivery Methodology
Our agile methodology aligns our expert resources with your team in a way that allows for clear communication, flexibility to meet your needs and consistent delivery of results.

Microsoft 2019 and 2020 US Partner of the Year
JourneyTEAM is a specialty consulting firm comprised of the best senior level resources. We have the ability to provide customized and individual service that you can’t get from a larger company while still providing the expertise and performance you expect. 


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