You can run all your apps in a web browser by opening Microsoft Dynamics 365. Access your apps quickly through the homepage or the task pane.

PowerApps supports these browser versions:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Chrome 47.x and above
  • Safari on iOS 9.3 and above
  • Firefox 47 and above

When someone shares an app with you, you will receive an email message that contains a link to the app. Click or tap the link to open the app in a browser.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 homepage

The Dynamics 365 home is the home to all your Dynamics 365 apps. You can access that page by clicking or tapping a button in your Office 365 waffle.

On the home page, you can see your pinned apps, in addition to all apps that you have installed or that an administrator has pushed to you. Click or tap an app tile to open the app, or click or tap the ellipsis (...) to display details about the app.


If you are having trouble finding an app, filter the list of apps by typing at least part of the app name in the search box. You can also filter by app environment in the Filter pane.

If you have recently installed an app, it may not appear in your app list immediately. Click or tap Sync to show all your apps, but this process may take up to a minute.


Task pane

The task pane gives you quick access to all your apps. You access it by clicking or tapping the Dynamics 365 toggle-button on the header, which appears on top of your apps.

You can quickly open a pinned app from the task pane or find any of your apps through the "My apps" sub-menu.


Pin an app

Pin an app to quickly access it from either the homepage or the task pane. To pin an app, open the ellipsis (...) menu on the app tile either in the task pane or the homepage, and then select Pin this app.



Open an app

To open an app, click or tap its tile in either the Dynamics 365 homepage or the task pane.

You can also access an app directly using its URL. You can also share the link over email or bookmark it in your browser.

If your browser does not support all the controls used in the app, you can download and use PowerApps Mobile, which is available on iOS, Android or Windows.

Sign in to PowerApps

If you open an app from, you're probably already signed in to Dynamics 365. If you open the app from a web link, you will be prompted to sign in using your Azure Active Directory credentials.


Give consent

If the app requires a connection to a data source or requires consent to use device capabilities, you will be prompted for configuration before you use the app:


Typically, you are prompted only the first time.

Exit PowerApps

Exit or close the app using either of these ways:

  • Click or tap Sign out in the Dynamics 365 portal.
  • Navigate to the Dynamics 365 home page or launch another app from the task pane.