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New! Focused Weekly Blog Topics from PowerApp Gurus Around the World!

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Updated: Series starting March 13th, 2017.

We're building a community of bloggers from all over the world who are currently drafting a series of weekly blogs for our PowerApps Community Blog! Here is a sneak peak at what's coming starting Monday, March 13th, 2017. This new weekly series will include:

  • Multi-lingual blogs – starting with English, Spanish, French, and Chinese
  • Examples of PowerApps in the Real World: Helping you to map typical business problems to the Microsoft Business Application Platform
  • "What's New" topics and examples as we reach roadmap goals


Starting in March 2017 – We're kicking off special Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Guru Blogs

Monday: Best Practices from PowerApp Gurus
This series covers best practices and tips related to just about everything, but with a focus on Formulas, Controls, and Galleries

Wednesday: Revolutionalize your business forms and workflows! Take what InfoPath and SharePoint Designer could do to the next level using PowerApps!
Our gurus know how to enhance your "business forms" experience using PowerApps. So stay tuned for great articles on building forms that are finger-friendly, optimized for mobile use, easy for end users to fill out, and beautiful as well.

Friday: Celebrate the Small Things (aka Did you Know?)

We celebrate the small things in this series of  micro-blogs. These micro-blogs (100 words or less) share hidden gems found in the Web Authoring and/or Desktop Studio, for PowerApp makers looking to save some time.

Starting in April 2017 we'll be adding Tuesdays and Thursdays too! 

Tuesday: Stay Connected! – Connection Usage Guildelines and Tips

This series is all about "connections". It will highlight best practices for adding diverse connections (both standard and premium), as well as enabling you to validate that connections stay performant.

Thursday: Developer Highlight of the Week – Get your swagger on!

Developers will enjoy these weekly tips for coders looking to extend PowerApps in more advanced business scenarios. We'll also be sharing loads of information related to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and AppSource within this series.


Of course, other blogs will be weaved into these weekly topics as well! We will try and surprise you with useful content to enable and inspire you in your PowerApps journey!

If you'd like to be one of our PowerApp Gurus, and be featured on our Community Blog, just let us know by clicking the "Message Admins" button in the right navagation here:

Looking forward to your feedback and support!


Twitter: @ArtsyPowerApper