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Power Apps is making it easier for developers to build with Microsoft Copilot and each other

Headshot of article author Ryan Cunningham

Power Apps is now used by more than 25 million users every month, with an increasing number of those apps delivered by dedicated teams of professionals. We’re investing in the end-to-end experience of these developer teams, bringing together Copilot and human collaborators to be able to deliver impactful and scalable apps faster than ever.

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Headshot of article author Tristan Dehove

Do your users need to work on the go with spotty connectivity? With model-driven apps offline for makers experience in general availability, it is now easier than before to set up an app to work offline. After enabling your model-driven apps for offline, people in your organization can work seamlessly without worrying about connectivity! You […]

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Headshot of article author Sid Gundavarapu

We’re excited to introduce Power Platform Advisor, your guide to personalized best practice recommendations to optimize your Power Platform tenant. It analyzes your Power Platform resources and environments, and offers insights and inline actions to enhance security, reliability, and overall low code health. With Power Platform Advisor, you can: Get proactive, personalized best practices recommendations. […]

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Headshot of article author Lance Delano

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the direct invocation of Dataverse actions in Power Fx Canvas apps. As a part of the Power Fx language, authors can now directly invoke a Dataverse action within a formula. A new Power Fx ‘Environment’ language object that authors can add to their app enables access […]

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Headshot of article author Amiya Patra

Introducing Easier License Management for Power Apps Starting in December 2023 we are introducing a set of changes which will make it easier for admins to manage license assignments for Power Apps per-user licenses. We understand the complexities admins face when identifying users in need of Power Apps licenses, and we’re excited to introduce enhancements […]

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Headshot of article author Amy Chern

We are excited to announce the Public Preview of Copilot-generated app descriptions in Power Apps. Copilot will now generate a description for every app that is missing a description within Managed Environments.

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Headshot of article author Yogesh Gupta

Note: This blog is in continuation of the series of modern controls coming to canvas apps. You can find the September 2023 updates here. Recently, we also announced GA for modern, refreshed look in model apps. In October’23, we continued enhancing modern controls and theming and delivered some key enhancements as mentioned in this blog, […]

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