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Brimma Tech

Brimma teams have 20+ years experience using advanced technologies to connect disparate systems and deliver automated workflow for residential mortgage lenders burdened with the high cost of meeting demanding borrower expectations while lowering highly manual operational costs inclusive of extensive compliance requirements.  

Brimma delivers data driven workflow automation, leveraging APIs to connect disparate systems and then applying Power Automate tools to orchestrate/automate previously labor intensive manual processes.  We have a unique focus automating outdated Loan Origination Systems (LOS) used by 1000+ residential mortgage lenders as their system of record.  

Our approach is to work with Production, Operations, Compliance and Technical teams at our lender clients to properly map out highly manual silo processes and then align Power Automate Flow capabilities to automate, extend, connect and support multiple use cases.  Once we automate vertical silo processes, we then leverage events, webhooks, APIs and Other tools to connect the processes horizontally to create functional workflow that dramatically reduces process friction and increases operational throughput.  

Within the Power Automate platform we make great use of the following Flow functionality to automate customer processes: 

-- Reusable Functionality across our customer base by stacking flows (Desktop Flows) and handing off required data and executables. In order to orchestrate these reusable functions we leverage the power automate ‘Run Flow’ actions to create a hierarchy of parent and child flows and calling other pre-built, re-usable Desktop Flows that represent common solutions across our target customer base.

 -- DataVerse Tables – We leverage DataVerse tables to store and retrieve our global variables that are accessed within the flows to execute required functions across numerous repeatable sub-processes.

-- Environmental Variables – Apart from having Global reusable variables, we also have process specific variables that are unique to each process we run. We make use of these Environment Variables that are accessible only inside the specified environment thereby providing  encapsulation. These variables can be accessed by creating a  Cloud Flow to extract data from a Dataverse table, parse it and pass the values as custom objects to Process Desktop Flows.

-- Audit Logs and Snapshot capabilities to troubleshoot and refine process optimizations. We create  bots to work with a tool that is extremely robust with various possibilities and uncertainties. In order to track and report on the successful execution of processes we require an extensive system of logging error messages and snapshots to pinpoint unexpected “application pop ups” and notifications. Audit logging helps with root cause analysis of errors and subsequent troubleshooting.

-- Power Automate Management Connectors to manage and throttle different flows as various error states are encountered. The idea is to control the execution of flows in error state to reduce error state bottlenecks and rapidly troubleshoot to assure operational processes are streamlined. As an example, we programmatically “Halt Execution” of flows with exception errors, until proper corrections are implemented.   We also envision building our own “Connectors” to integrate to numerous third party platforms within the residential mortgage ecosystem to facilitate data driven workflows such as:  Send out Disclosures to meet compliance regulations, Order Title, Appraisal and Flood Insurance, Run Compliance Engine Checks and Send out Closing Disclosures etc.

On a broader enterprise level, Brimma teams are also leveraging:

  1. Webhooks to listen for event changes to execute next best actions
  2. AI-NLP LUIS to retrieve data and kick-off downstream workflows (in production today)
  3. Power BI tools to report on process interval timelines, delivering critical insights for continual improvement 

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