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Re: Both apps broken with code The requested content at path /v3.20062.23.154670727/siena/default.html is not found

Hi,   Where to copy the code from another app and where to paste it? Please help.

Re: Show Live Data on Powerapps Portal

Hi @justinburch  , I understood that we need to implement it as Publish-Subscribe model but where do we subscribe to on powerApps? For .net we can have a socket open from the backend and ...

Re: Lookup field search bug

Thanks a lot @ChrisPiasecki you saved my bacon and a lot of head scratching between us! We kept thinking it had to be something simple but couldn't figure out what, tunnel-vision I guess &...

Re: Content not found when opening Sharepoint customized form

Hi,  I have teh same issue.  All working fine last night then this morning, cannot get in to Customise a form on a Sharepoint list. Power apps portal shows the logo then "The requested...

Re: Hidden box on clicking checkbox

Hi @isogunro ,   Would you like to hide controls based on the conditions of check boxes?   If so, I made a demo below for your reference, assuming the Check Boxes names CheckB...

Re: power app barcode scanner

You can try a couple things to see why this is not working: Run the app while connected to the Monitor ( ) - this will let you se...

Re: Ability to change control, label or icon layer (Z level)

This would be useful for components or other controls which change size and/or visibility.    For  example, suppose I had a component which displayed a list of menu options when clic...

Re: Datasources and Collections basic question

1) Using Collections doesn't solve the problem of delegation because you still have to get the values into the collection from the online data source.  Get that data can take substantial time if...

Re: Injecting address field data into SharePoint List with connected form.

The fields were generated by "start from data" and the SharePoint List...  

Re: Integer from JSON not recognized as Number type

If it's in quotes, it looks like it's coming over as text originally.  Try wrapping it in a Value function.   Value function - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs  

Integer from JSON not recognized as Number type

I am reading a pretty simple piece of JSON from a REST call response using ClearCollect. The relevant piece of JSON looks like this    "timeSpent": "6m", "timeSpentSeconds": 360, "id"...

IsSearchable in Combobox returns back to false

Hello,   I have Combobox working ok.   But now the options are not serchable. And when I click on the "Allow Search" option for the DataCardValue or manually change the "IsSearchable" o...

Re: Return to the workplace

Thanks Abe, I know keeping up with that external data must be a real challenge. We updated to the latest version on AppSource today and it's throwing this error, is there an easy fix?    ...

Re: Show Images on Portal using FetchXML

Hi, you can enable notes attachment in entity forms/web forms: this will allow you to upload files via notes

Re: Integer from JSON not recognized as Number type

I'm parsing it into a Collection using ClearCollect. Is there another way of parsing as you suggest ?

Re: The content on portal edit page is not getting loaded correctly.

Hi @praneshJ, Please try to restart the portal from the admin center. In this link (Reset a portal - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs), choose Restart, not Reset.


Is your text field a label or a text input?

Re: IsSearchable in Combobox returns back to false

OK, could you share the Items property of your combobox control?

Re: Barcode reader integrated in device does not read in powerapps. Why?

Hi Eric,   I am having the same issue with Zebra mobile scanner. the app is working fine on phone, but running on Zebra device, it does not scan, any change need to be made with the app? &nbs...

Re: IsSearchable in Combobox returns back to false

@WebPortal  To troubleshoot, first check the fields property of your combobox to see if you have the correct field to search.  It that isn't the problem, use Sort(MyTable, Title) as the I...

Re: Not able to edit any apps

I have the same issue when editting custumized list forms with PowerApps.

Power Apps transforming rows to collumns

Hey everybody,    I am currently building an app which should show how a store is performing on its KPIS in a given calendar week.   I have a table "Mains" in the Dataverse which i...