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Managing apps with Save and Publish

We are excited to introduce an explicit Publish action for app authors so they can control when apps are made available to users. This will enable authors to incrementally update the app, and test them inside Studio without publishing any intermediate versions to end users. Users will see the app updates only after app authors have saved and published their changes.

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PowerApps and SharePoint – the next wave of creating and running apps

Today’s announcements at the SharePoint Virtual Summit bring out the best features of PowerApps with SharePoint. We are embarking on a journey to unleash cool capabilities for authoring apps and running apps embedded in SharePoint to enable a seamless experience. This post provides a round up of the key new capabilities in PowerApps, which we’ll be rolling out in the coming months.

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PowerApps and the Microsoft Common Data Model

Today, we are excited to announce the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) as an out-of-box business database for storing and managing business entities. CDM will be shipping soon in preview as a first class business database for PowerApps with features rolled out incrementally.

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