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Unified Interface transition starts December 4th 2020

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As announced on September 10, 2019, the time is now to prepare for the move to Unified Interface for Model-driven apps if you are still using the legacy web client.   With less than 1 month to go, you should make the move as soon as possible to Unified Interface. As a reminder, the deadline to transition to Unified interface is December 4, 2020. Microsoft will continue to provide support, security, and other critical updates to the legacy web client until December 4, 2020. Further details on this date can be found on the blog post from James Phillips.


What should I do if I’m still using the legacy Web Client?

Please complete your testing and final checks to ensure you are ready to make the move. There are three options available to you:

Option 1: Early Transition Program

We offer a transition program which is accessible from the Unified Interface Scheduling Portal. A global adminDynamics 365 admin, or Power Platform admin  for your tenant can log into the portal. You can then select a preferred date for our team to automatically switch you to Unified Interface. Dates for this optional program are available up until December 4, 2020. You must approve the date for our team to make the switch.  If you do not approve a date prior to the deadline, then you have option 2 and option 3 below as alternatives.


Option 2: Manual Transition

For complete flexibility on dates and times we recommend you manually transition before the deadline to allow enough time to ensure everything is working as expected. Please review this article to see how you can manually transition. You can do this anytime up to the final transition date.


Option 3: Final Transition Date – What will happen if I do not select option 1 or 2?

Customers who have not transitioned prior to December 4, 2020 will be automatically switched to Unified Interface. This will be applied dependent on your location across a multi week schedule. If you wish to view your final date, it is published for your information from the Unified Interface Scheduling Portal and for more details please access the FAQ article.


We highly recommend you make the move prior to the final transition date as there will be no opportunity to switch back after this final date has passed. We will be removing the legacy web client so it is critically important that it is prioritized as we do not have the ability to defer the date beyond that period.


Helpful Resources

For a variety of useful content to assist in making the transition, head to the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Community site.

We’ve created help and support materials including videos, articles, and documentation to help you plan and manage the transition.