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Re: Power Automate Flows not visible in Powerapps

Is your Power Apps in a solution?  I've seen that change the visibility of flows as well.

Re: Customising the displayed value of a Combo Box

@AndrewsVC  You are on the right path with First but unfortunately you can't do this directly in the property you are using.  You'll have to AddColumns to the the table in the items p...

Re: SharePoint rows into column

Hi @Jayant2 : Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that you have solved this problem. Best Regards, Bof

Re: Multi select checkboxes option

This will be great if it can be planned for the next cumulative update of Dynamics 365!

Re: Extract timestamp from text field

Hi @Jayant2 : Firstly,You can use this formula to get the last comment: Last(Split( "RV - 13/01/2021 10:26 - Comments. JM - 14/01/2021 15:43 - ", Char(13) )).Result  I s...

Unique ID when creating a form

Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a knowledge database in Microsoft List / Sharepoint. I would like when my colleagues creates and knowledge article the title gets an unique title / ID. Fo...

Re: Clearing a date picker when DefaultDate property is already being used?

Hi  @Cooper01 ,   Thanks for your reply. Whether you want to clear the DatePicker but keep the DefaultDate. If so, you have to add an extra Remove button in the data card...

Powerapps Analytics (preview)

Hi,   I have been trying to use the PowerApps Analytics session to track the usage of my app but the analytics are not showing anymore.   Am I missing a crucial step to be able to see t...

Re: Extract timestamp from text field

@v-bofeng-msft i was able to extract the last comment based upon the below formula, how do i extract the last date column as it is in the middle and not at first or last. First and last value ar...

Re: Drop down shows only first 3 values

yeh @eka24  This is weird , please find the screen shot below.   my delegation settings. After addning new drop down still same. also tried with combobox too but same  ...

Form validation displaying error message even when valid

Hi   I have customised a Sharepoint form using power apps, in the OnSave event I am doing a check, if all good submit, if not display an error.   - If there are validation issues it wor...

Re: Retrieve the samacccountname for a give userid

Yes I saw that method listed in the documentation but I cannot access it from intellisense in PowerApps. Thanks.

Re: build a simple attendance report with button ? how to??

Hi @bbsin ,   Could you please share more details about your scenario? Would you like to let app users check in and out with one button clicking? What column type is Staff Name colum...

Re: Users to be able to add attachments when creating new entries but prevented from editing entries once added.

Hi, @v-jefferni  So therefore I can use test the form mode and the valid variable and then set the display mode for the data card.  Thanks

Re: Dataverse for Teams not loading existing apps or creating new ones

Thank you for the reply. The problem resolved on its own several days later, and thus must have been been related to the outage or a bug that was fixed. It has been more reliable since. 

Re: Dataverse to store images from PowerApps

Thanks @dpoggemann , so If I understand correctly and my maths are good enough, using a per user plan and having 10 users I'd have 20GB+10*2GB = 40 GB capacity in total for files. Yeah it g...

Re: UpdateIf updating values for all records instead of filter one

@v-xiaochen-msft, unfortunately, it is not updating any Fields 😞 .   Eventhough i have one pending item in " CurrentUserCommitGroupDataCollection", but still "IsSignOff" and "IsFinalSi...

Delete all Dataverse tables

hi all, i'm searching a way to delete all tables in my dataverse (created for error into the default enviroments). it's possible?    

Re: Is it possible to copy text out of a data table?

By copying, do you intend using the selected item in another screen, if so then use a Variable like:  Set(SelectedItem.DataTable1.Selected.City)  On OnSelect of a Button ------------ ...

Re: Power BI Tile stopped Working

Yes, Facing same issue . Power BI tiles were working till last week and nothing is changed neither in app nor in power bi tile but still it stopped working. Any help would be highly appreciated . Th...

Re: Form validation displaying error message even when valid

Oh yeah sorry should have said, I have a Var setup called  SharePointFormMode to record the form mode, sorry 🙂

Is it possible to have external users SSO authenticate using their own AAD credentials?

We want to have clients authenticate using their own AAD credentials, so they don't have to remember yet another password just to use our product.   I came across this article which seems to i...

Re: How to fetch more than 5000 rows in JSON using fetch xml

Hi @praneshJ, You would setup your JSON retrieval to take advantage of the paging cookie and iterate through the results. Use your API to query for the results, return that there's a paging c...


@Nate-PTTP    it looks like you are working in a different geographic location from me.... does Power Apps in your country require you to separate the values with ";" instead of ","? it ...

Re: AI

Yes, this is the plan so far for signature detection but it is subject to changes.