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Person or Group column does not show results

My Datasource is Sharepoint online list. Within this i got a custom Person or Group site column, that is pointing on a Sharepoint Group.   When  creating a new record in Power Apps, the D...

Cannot download app

I am the O365 admin, and have been trialling the web app for Power apps   We now want to download the Window 10 app.   We can access the store - but when we click download it says "star...

Re: auto generate app with multiple SharePoint lists

hi @v-micsh-msft @mr-dang   In fact, you and brian has given a very clear explanation with bundle of examples and that should provide an in-depth understanding. Appreciate.   ...

Re: Autocomplete control

This seems like an extremely useful feature/control to have.   Curiously, when I google "powerapps autocomplete" one of the search results explain how it can be done with Access Web Apps: htt...

Re: Error when starting up power apps studio in browser

Hi @Meneghino, I tried deleting cache, restarted my machine. still i see the same issue.   Thanks, Sru

office365users.myprofile() suddenly started returning 403 errors

I've been using Office365Users.UserProfile(User().Email) to populate a profile form and it's been working successfully for the last two weeks. But today (when I shared it out for UAT, of course)...

Re: Slow Loading Drop Down Values

Hi Have you acquired 1021 items by Filter? So, the number of Filter acquisitions with no other problems is about 300 items Perhaps I think that the number of extracted items that can be delegate...

Re: Selecting item in drop down list while loading PowerApps

It is not helping more here if I take variable name differently in both page (Detail and Edit). Getting same error after changing these locations.   Detail Page: Navigate(EditScreen1, ScreenTr...

Re: PowerApps doesn't support images from SharePoint lists

Referencing image location (either sharepoint or oneDrive) in a SP list only works in studio application but doesn't work in mobile app. 

Re: Create Custom View

Thanks for the help!

Re: Issue with notification flow in powerapp. Trying to come up with better way

Hi Blooney,   How is your flow configured? I guess it should be triggered by a “Button” control on PowerApps.   Have your tried to set the OnVisible property of the screen? This p...

Re: Free Webinar: Getting Started with the Common Data Services by Jono Luk

Hi @chass1,   Thanks for the remidings!   Regards, Michael

Re: How to upload images from the camera control to sharepoint or send email?

Hi Cearde,   PGs are investigating this issue, I’m not sure with the timeline. I will keep an eye on this issue and back to you once I got any response.   Best regards, Mabel ...

Re: can't sign into powerapps app

Hi @Gregor,   Have you checked the following article already? Limits and configuration in Microsoft PowerApps Make sure the IP Address or the services mentioned in the article ...

Re: PowerApps doesn't support images from SharePoint lists

Ok what's weird about this one is that if you put the images in OneDrive and reference them in the list in sharepoint, then it works, but only for as long at the expiry period for links. But if you r...

Re: How to connect to sharepoint rating column?

Thx for your investigation Done :-)

Re: Today unable open app, sign - in

Hi Barta,   Have you tried to clear cache in IE?   Regards, Mona

Re: Selecting item in drop down list while loading PowerApps

Here I am providing more screen shots of 3 screens in my PowerApps:   Display Screen where it points to Assets table having all ID values.   This is details screen which will pick...

Re: Issue with notification flow in powerapp. Trying to come up with better way

Its triggered by the end of a timer, as well as th on visible. The problem is, the person needs to be notified regardless of the screen they are on at the time. Ideally, even if they arent in the app...


[$-cs-CZ] is likely a better choice. (Caveat: I am no language expert).

PowerApps IF function

Is there a way to put the result of a if function into another variable?

Slow Loading Drop Down Values

Hi all,   I have an app which is in use for about 1 month now, and all of a sudden I have users complaining that drop downs are not populating anymore.   There are 3 drop downs with ite...

Re: Launch(email, with link) issues

Hi @audrieg Is there any update on the %20/[space] to + encoding issue? I'm running into this as well :-/