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Re: Filtering a Gallery with Multiple Drop Downs

Just a quick thanks for your quick response yesterday.  I have everything back on track now.  

Re: Filter by text box or drop down

I think my issue is in the number of rows limitation for non delegatable query functions. When I enter the limiter of top:500,  i get results, but very limited.  I'm thinking that it's only...

Re: Patch values to SharePoint Lookup column

How did you do it? I'm having issues patching a multi-lookup from a combobox  @VirajPatil wrote: Great I was searching for this from 2 days!!!!!! Thanks a lot for your answer  

Lookup for available value in sharepoint list

Hi PowerApps Team   In Powerapps I try to find the way to search for a free value of a sharepoint list.   There is a list with e.g. the following content: Productname | Free Try | Try ...

Re: Media Queries in CSS

Hard to say without looking at code. Missing meta tag may be -    

Re: MS Flow Lost Table Names

Post your Flow questions over in the Flow Community and you will get a much quicker and more robust response.

Re: Gallery OnSelect vs Icon OnSelect

FYI - I have seen similar behavior today that APPEARED to come up unexpectedly on 1 of my 4 galleries that are similar...  However... TLDR; - SOLUTION -> Make sure you have Display Mo...

Allow embedding forms within a Gallery control

Allowing mainly a Display form within a Gallery control would be greatly beneficial to customize the Gallery the way the app developer wants it to, either to make the App more user-friendly or more s...

Re: How can I efficiently load 10,000 items from a SharePoint List into a Collection?

@yashag2255,   I just noticed that the ListItems collection includes some duplicates that need to be removed. How can I correct this? Here is the code I modified based on our previous discussi...

Re: Add number of products to collection

@Oos    Mijn eerste advies is om je taal om te zetten naar engels, geloof me dit gaat je erg helpen als je vragen hebt over de formules en snel PowerApps wilt leren. Zoek daarna ook even ...

Re: Collect text data with a combobox in a form?

Yes i think we are talking about the same thing.   My column data looks like this in sharepoint: datavalue1; datavalue2; datavalue3. It is defined as a singel line of text.   In power...

Re: Timeline control in model driven: how to make?

Thanks tons @yashag2255 . Any idea how to enable bing maps in custom entitities? 

Re: Image from sharepoint list not recognized in PowerApps

Hi @Bakrsn    How do you mean i mage from sharepoint list not recognized in PowerApps? How do you create your image Column in your SP list? I test it as this, it works ok. ...

Re: Extending PowerApps from Application to SharePoint Form

Hi @LachlanB , SharePoint customized form and app connected with sharepoint list are two different things. The first one only exists in sharepoint list. The second one is a standalone ap...

Re: BUG: forced to PowerApps preview screen with E3 License

Hi Tim, Yes we use an on premise gateway, but it's to a SQL Server which is included in plan 1. No premium connectors here. So it should all work with plan 1, don't you agree. Paul

Re: Allow pooling of allowed number of environments to tenant

Hi @realolap ,   Plan2 can create up to two Trial environments and two Production environments. What did you mean by " actual named user " instead of the Plan2 licensed users? Did you ...

Re: Fancy background animations in PowerApps

This is super interesting, hope to see more. Well done.

Re: How can I efficiently load 10,000 items from a SharePoint List into a Collection?

@pwrappr01   Do you have duplicates in your SP list or is it getting collected inside the collection?

Re: 12 pm in am pm value

There was a problem in my update screen of my powerapps. Got it solved now.

different answer types per gallery item

I've used a gallery before for answering questions where the answers were all either NA, Yes or No. Is there a way to have different answer options for each question on a gallery? Also, as listed in ...

Re: Filtering a Gallery with Multiple Drop Downs

@yashag2255 Thank you ever so much.   It works!   I'd never have found that on my own even though I'd just been looking at properties just before your answer came through and it...

Re: Substitute Images for Videos in a Gallery

@yashag2255    Thank you very much. I found my issue: I had to reorder my screen's contents so that the Gallery was in front of the screen's data card. Now the videos are working fine whe...

Using "Start and wait for an approval" - Missing Start an approval action

429  . Error de la solicitud. Código de error: "XrmInstanceProvisioningIncomplete". Mensaje de error: "Una base de datos de Servicio de Datos Comunes para este entorno no se ha completado e...

Re: Powersapps, Flow, and sharepoint

You could use either Flow or Powerapps.  If the decision to send a specific email is in response to a human making a choice in an application, it would make the most sense to send the email f...

Re: Filtering a Gallery with Multiple Drop Downs

Hi @CindyZ ]   Can you please try to combine all the filters as one expression using "&&" operators. You can refer to the expression:   Filter('Submit Legal Requests ...