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Re: How to patch images from collection to sharepoint

Hi @v-yutliu-msft,   Thanks for the reply, I am trying to upload an image from the collection to a sharepoint list.    But based off your response this might not be feasible, corre...

Re: "Data source may be invalid" when editing a SharePoint Online list item

Your SharePoint list fields type should be the same type as used in PowerApps fields type. i.e. if using the dropdown in PowerApps, you need to make sure you are using Choice in SharePoint list for t...

Re: Launching App/Web Page in same tab/page of browser.

I agree this function is needed.. very frustrating to click a submit button and have two tabs open in your browser and then every user has to close one of them.

Re: Reset a variable value

One way I accomplish this is to use the OnHidden propery on the screen I am navigating away from. To reset the value, I am pretty sure it depends on what the variable's type is (text, number, etc.). ...

Re: Track who modified your data and when in PowerApps

How can we save modified by and when each time a field changes for each field onn the app?   Lets say multiple people provide input to fields on one form.   1st. Is the car clean? _...

Struggling with One-to-Many Gallery

I tried following this blog post And I googled around and searched the forums, but it seems I'm having so...

Re: Code Editor: Allow popout into separate resizable window / dialog

This is incredibly important. Between VS Code compatibility and the ability to pop out the window, this would speed the development process up for real life use cases.

Re: Help using a comparison with User()

You got me on the right track...   I got it now (needed the display name to compare):   f (Not IsBlank( LookUp( InTraining, Employee.DisplayName = User().FullName And InTraining = 1)...

Re: List collection records into datacard text value

Thanks Randy.  I think I was overthinking it with the ForAll. @RandyHayes wrote: @lumberjacklurch    Give this formula a try: Concat(col_ItemDescription, Item & "," &a...

Re: Error 502

Buenas tardes @Austin_Joe ,   Si tengo unos trigger echos porque hace un insert en un sql onpromise, por ende no puedo borrarlos. No hay forma de poder hacerlo si tiene un desencaden...

Re: Office 365 users

Fantastic  @v-xida-msft Kris thanks .  One final question.. can I filter on 2 fields?  So I want to search Job Title but only in specific Country?  The country field  wi...

Re: Issues with On-Premisses not loading data

Apparently there was an issue with the data connections  The application now works!   

Re: Data source may be invalid

Your SharePoint list fields type should be the same type as used in PowerApps fields type. i.e. if using the dropdown in PowerApps, you need to make sure you are using Choice in SharePoint list for t...

Re: PowerApps and Sharepoint List access permission

@ChinoDoesStuffthank you so much!!  This video is exactly what I needed.  If I have two approvers do I have to do the steps over again for each?

How to patch images from collection to sharepoint

Currently trying to patch an image from an "addmedia" button that creates an image record in the collection. The image however isn't uploading to my connected sharepoint list.   ForAll(prebook...

Re: Dropdown Filtering not working

Hi @xzDan , Have you taken a try with the alternative solution I provided? Have you solved your problem?   If you have solved your problem, please go ahead to click "Accept as ...

Re: Collections - Microsoft Office 365 - Nested Table?

Hello. First of all thanks for your help. I have a similar problem and I was able to place it in labels with your guide. My question is how could I insert the rows of a column of a nested table (in t...

Re: Setting multiple default value for Combo Box bound to SharePoint Choice field

@BO55VXR    You could do it several ways - if there is some criteria you can use to choose them, then you could use a Filter    Filter(Choices(yourList.yourColumn), Value=yo...

Re: PowerApps using Flow

I can't go on your site 

Re: PowerApps using Flow

Depending on your requirements, a solution such as the one I blogged on may help you: PowerApps: Booking form with automated conversion to PDF  

Re: Deleted application

The issue is that I need to recover my application "JJ Test".  please could you restore it ?

Re: An Error Occurred on the Server

I'm experiencing this same issue on my apps, though the impact seems to be specific to date/choice fields. Forms that only use plain text fields seem to be working fine.   Will a service advis...

Need Help with Screen Parameter population

What i am trying to do here is to evaluate if parameter "vid" is populated or not.   I have inserted following formula in Item Event of A Form  In A Screen.   If(IsBlank(vid)...

Re: An Error Occurred on the Server

We are experiencing the same issue. 

Re: Power Apps not connecting to data source

Same here.  I'm also getting reports of errors for PowerApps.