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PowerApps Portals are now Generally Available

Headshot of article author Dileep Singh

In June 2019, during Microsoft Business Application Summit , we introduced PowerApps Portals as a new capability coming to PowerApps.

Today I am excited to announce that PowerApps Portals are now generally available.
Since we started Public Preview of PowerApps Portals in July 2019, over 6000 PowerApps Portals have been created with more than 2500 monthly active Portal makers creating and designing Portals. We thank all of our preview participants for being part of this journey with us and providing critical feedback which helped us in shaping the key capabilities.


With general availability, all PowerApps makers can now create powerful low-code and responsive portals which allow users external to their organizations to interact with data stored in Common Data Service.

Get Started with the PowerApps Portals today

If you have not tried the new PowerApps Portals, try it out today by signing up for a PowerApps trial.  To learn more about how to setup PowerApps Portals, follow the documentation

Also if you had already signed up for Preview, your PowerApps Portals have automatically been migrated to General availability release and you can continue using them.

IMPORTANT: As of writing this blog post, the update is available in all commercial regions and will be rolling out in Government clouds in upcoming weeks.

Feedback and resources

To quickly get started on PowerApps portals or for any feedback, you can use the resources listed below: –

While reaching general availability is indeed a big milestone, it also marks the start of our journey as we bring more and more capabilities in future and ensures our makers can delight their customers.

Thank you,
Dileep Singh on behalf of PowerApps Portals team