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  • Active: We have identified an issue with certain SharePoint list forms customized with PowerApps that remain stuck on the loading screen and are in the process of releasing a fix. This issue only happens if your custom form has a formula which accesses data in OnStart event. As a temporary workaround, you can move the formula from OnStart to SharePointIntegration.OnView/OnEdit/OnNew events.
  • Resolved: Users were unable to refresh data sources in PowerApps Studio. We have addressed the root cause and the issue is now resolved. Please close PowerApps Studio and reopen your app to ensure you are using the latest version. This issue was resolved as of 6/19/2018 7:00PM

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  1. Having trouble connecting to data?
    • Excel data must be formatted as a table.

    • If you share an app with data from OneDrive, don’t forget to share the folder to your organization as well.

    • Follow these instructions to manage your data connections.

  2. Need assistance for sign-in/sign-up?
  3. How do I remove an item from Gallery?

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