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Another look at the Common Data Service (Previous Version)

Microsoft’s Common Data Service brings together your business data in one place so you can focus on the things that matter: building apps, finding insights and automating your business processes.  With CDS, gone are the days where you need to invest in elaborate (and expensive!) systems to tie together multiple, disparate systems so your users can use and build the apps and experiences they need.  We do that all heavy lifting for you!  And what’s more, we have taken on the work to light up the full range of Microsoft’s ecosystem against your data that lives here.  

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What’s new in the Common Data Service – Feburary 7 edition (Previous Version)

The Common Data Service team has just released it’s latest update.  Our team been hard at work on a bunch of features that will be lighting up over the next few months.  Today we’re excited to share with you just a few of the latest updates that have just released including; (i) Updates to the Common Data Model (ii) Support for Environments in the Office Add-Ins and (iii) Updates on Preview Environments.

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