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Re: Power App Display

@grayboy , Try making the width of the Form an actual measurement (not Parent.Width)

Re: Trouble finding form Item prpoperty from a Sharepoint List

Wonderfull Levi I tried something like that but not in the right place !!!!!!    

Re: Variable for date (Today) is showing default time next to it 00:00, how do I remove this?

Hi @JaS_22 , I am actually surprised it worked properly before - try formatting both parts [ Text( varToday + 7 - Weekday( varToday, Tuesday ), "[...

Re: How I can add the date filtering to my existing Powerapps gallery filter

Thanks @WarrenBelz , Tested it out and only the "Payment Type" works, changing the other filters does not do anything. Additional info, Payment Type filter is a combo box under Comb...

Re: Compare Table and Text

Okay than let's try and if we don't find a solution I will try on a different way: So to select the country at the beginning i have a sharepoint list Test. From there I take the Country's to select ...

Re: Sortbycolumns by two columns; first if a column value is higher than 60, else, sort by date

Hi @BCBuizer,   I just tested this, and I'm getting an error Tried both by changing the Descending manually, and by copy/pasting, both of which is giving the same error. The prior...

Re: Reorder items with onselect?

I assume you are hiding the panel using the Visible property.  The problem is that leaves the panel above the data table, it just isn't visible.  So you are still clicking on the panel, not...

Re: LookUp not working for Yes/No Sharepoint Fields?

@luissimoespt , Yes - it does not matter which is done first - the Boolean just needs to be on its own.

Re: LookUp not working for Yes/No Sharepoint Fields?

@luissimoespt , Then logic says it should work - did what I supplied work ? If so, you may have found a bug.

Re: How I can add the date filtering to my existing Powerapps gallery filter

Hi @WarrenBelz , I am sorry, If I am not clear.. Thanks for your assistance. I want to show all records by default without any filters using ConboBox1_2 and ComboBox 1_3, these two Co...

How to create connection in Power platform using PowerShell cmdlets?

Hi,   For Power Platform administrator Microsoft provided a bunch of PowerShell commands to work with PowerPlatform resources directly from Windows Powershell.

Re: Images turning invisible

is there a quick way to move all the list items over?

Re: Images turning invisible

You could maybe build a Power Automate flow to move everything over if you need complicated fields moved (images, for example), otherwise you can download as excel or csv, and then "import from excel...

Re: Send mail ForAll with Filter

Ahh.. Im not connected outlook, but the letter does not go out, could there be a problem with the 'Valid' calculated field?

What is the "default" with multiple choice. HELP!!

I use for my app as data source (sharepoint) in there i have a colom with choices with different (afdelingen) translation Demartments. In sharepoint i say "Yes, allow multiple selections". and also i...

Re: Multiple filters without delegation warning

@hstep ... && Status.Value = "pending" 

Re: Power Apps Dynamic Form - SharePoint List Content Types

@DeepakS Thank you man, you have no idea how long I've been looking for your video! IT just saved my project and time.   God bless you and stay safe!   Regards, Kiril

Re: if else with or and is not working

Can you provide sample data or a picture which shows the problem please?   We need to see 3 columns and the right/wrong values which are being generated so that we can debug

Re: How to use Azure Data Explorer results in a Power Apps Canvas App Drop-Down Items list?

Hi ,   Please make sure you enable the capture schema feature in settings, restart your application. Go to the button, you will notice the capture schema button on the bottom of your formula c...

Power App Display

When i build my Power App display is a good size   When i publish and open in sharepoint it is very small   How do i increase size so it is easy readable   See sceen shots below ...

Re: Multiples filters

@aizawa  If  you want to supply the Items property for say ComboBox1 from Table1,  for example. The items property of the combobox will be: Sort(Distinct(Table1,Name),Result, Ascen...

Re: Filter one Combobox with Person field from SP based on choices taken in another Person field

Ive patched my data into the SP instead of submit the form and it works. Thank you @WarrenBelz 

Re: Rename columns referencing column number rather than column name

Hi @WarrenBelz , Thanks for your fast and clear response! I'm still wondering though: Can my goal be achieved with a workaround? E.g. I learned from @RandyHayes that you can add...

Re: "UpdateContext" does no longer work on smartphones

@Manuel_O, Use Notify() is you want a banner message  Notify("Eingestempelt " & Text(Now(), "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm") & " " & TextInput1.Text, Information)   Please click Acce...

Re: DateAdd adding wrong number of hours on the day of time change

Yes and I've verified that TimeZoneOffset is returning the right value. The problem is with DateAdd. Even if I take TimeZoneOffset out of the equation altogether, DateAdd is adding 1 hour less than I...