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Syntax highlighting in PowerApps Studio, data source icons, and more

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Syntax Highlighting

With today's update for PowerApps, you will find something interesting happening in the formula bar. While typing expressions, syntax highlighting displays different colors depending on the category of terms. This feature is meant to help you understand long formulas and improve readability of expressions. Here are some samples and color codes for syntax highlighting.




Data Source Icon and Information

So far, connections only displayed the name of table in the 'Data souces' pane. It was not intuitive since you could forget what connection it was. In this new design, we replaced the universal icon with the actual connection icons. Connections with data entities now show the name of table and connection name. More improvements to the 'Data sources' pane are on their way.



In addition to these, the new update also brings other new features. You can find details for those here:   

Entity form control (experimental feature) for Common Data Service

Making it easier to use Azure APIs in PowerApps

Add push notifications to your apps built using PowerApps

New additions to PowerApps admin center

Connect to Oracle Database from PowerApps, Flow and Logic Apps


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