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Re: Date from SQL Azure db is not displaying in app.

I am having the same problem across multiple apps and multiple tables and databases. Anything with a datetime value doesn't seem to display properly although I can see it in the source table that the...

Re: Issue with getting organisation name in contact data base

Hi.  So, are you using Excel to edit the values?   When you use Excel you should be able to get a list of drop down suggestions like so:    

How to connect and use data from Cosmos DB

I can see PowerApps has a built in Cosmos DB connector in preview but cannot understand how to use it.   I have not been able to find any documentation or examples of how to connect ...

Connect to SQL VIEWS mandatory for real work because of lack of delegatable joins, lookup requests

...controls, this involve a very numerous message trafic between the mobile application and the server. On Azure this lead to a "rate exeeded" error with red messages ! Simple calculation if you scroll...

Re: App not able to save once filledout by a user

Hi Jeff, that seems to have worked when i ticked can edit in the onedrive folder.  Thanks for your help

Re: Record scope?

Hi @Hans1,   Please take a try with the method below: Filter(Location_1, Company.Id=BrowseGallery1.Selected.ID, !IsEmpty(Filter(Certificate,Location.Id=Location_1[@ID]...

Re: Custom Connect Test works, but not in Powerapps

Problem Solved!   If your api returns json that is captialized, your custom connecter sees it as all lower case, but when your power app uses the custom connecter is sees how your api returns ...

Re: How to connect to personal site of SharePoint Online dynamically?

Hi ,@v-micsh-msft, Thank you for your reply.   I think your opinion is correct. That's because, I requested supprt to Microsoft Support this question today. They answered that datasource is...

Re: Add new record to Azure SQL DB | Identity key is AutoNumber field | How do I retrieve that numbe

Okay, very logical. I had just started with my "new" record processing, and not yet explored the Patch function.   Should I assume a standard SubmitForm action is, behind the scenes, also doin...

Re: Creating a Pie Chart based on SharePoint List Data

Thanks but I'm still stuck on a few things.   How can I connect the pie chart to the sharepoint list?   If I need to import data such as column names, what does the file type of the fil...

Re: Creating a Pie Chart based on SharePoint List Data

Just search for 'pie chart' in the current forum. For example:

Connecting to Redshift

Hello,   We currently use a medical practice management system that allows us to access the data that is stored in their system via Redshift. I am able to connect to the tables in this cluster...

Re: What Dynamic Content is available in Forms?

Hi @jcollins,   Yes, the dynamic contents that you could see in the list are the only available ones so far in Flow. If you need more, please consider to post this idea in the Flow...

Re: Write Powerapp data back to sql server

Why won't you just create the app using the SQL connection and let powerapps create the app for you? You can also submit the validates this way.

Connecting to D365FO on-prem

Hello, is it possible to normally use the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Connector with the on-prem version of D365FO? Kind regards, Christoph

Re: Cascading Dropdowns Based on Lookup Columns

Hi Mona,   Thank you for the reply, I managed to get a different work around a few weeks ago. Now i'm just trying to work around the 500 record limit. 

Re: Return Value based on multiple drop down selection

I thought about flattening it into the first option but if I'm currently at 20 rows by 200 columns, I believe that would put me at 4,000 rows by 3 columns and I would be over the 500 row li...

default dataset(s) pulling in wrong tables

I have 4 Oracle data connections, all functioning fine on their own.  They point to 2 different databases (one development, one production) with 2 different logins (one read-only, one full, for ...

Re: SharePoint Content Types - PowerApps integration

Just to follow-up,    I used the 'Copy Link' functionality to get a URL for an item (as demo'd by Ankit in hisdeep dive 'Introducing List Forms in SharePoint Online ' video with A...

Re: create apps for the public?

What about guest access to powerapps in a sharepoint environment.  Haven't tested yet .. but would it be an option? i.e. have people register before using the app?

Re: Editable Datatable

That's indeed a useful feature to have. I am not aware of any immediate plans for inline editing to the Data Table. Perhaps a program manager can correct me if I am wrong.

Re: PowerApps Offline

You may also want to look at this youtube video by Ashlee. She illustrates how to save Pictures locally (offline) and upload when there is connection (online)

Re: SharePoint list forms to be customised using PowerApps

Thanks for the response - I've added some additional messages with my questions

Selectively disable powerapps/flow links in SharePoint

Is there a way to selectively restrict access to the PowerApps/Flow links in lists and document libraries within SharePoint?

Re: Public Apps

Thank you for reinforcing this idea and suggestion. It is on our long-term roadmap to enable cross-tenant scenarios, although we are not yet sure where that will show up on our roadmap. We'll keep yo...