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Introducing Power Apps mobile app’s new look (public preview)

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the public preview of the new app selection and discovery experience for Power Apps mobile. With the new look, there now exists a home page to access your commonly used content and a navigation bar to easily navigate through the app. Seems exciting? Great! Read along further to learn more about the new experience. For complete overview on how this new experience has been enhanced, please refer to documentation.

Personalized Home Page experience

Your journey will begin in the personalized Home Page. On this page, you will find your favorite and recently used apps. If you don’t find your app in the top 10 results shown, you can use the “See all” link to see all your favorites and recently used apps.

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Favoriting and pinning apps to home screen using gesture controls

We have introduced gesture support to make it easier and more intuitive to favorite or shortcut an app from any location in the new design. If you swipe left, you can favorite or unfavorite an app. Each favorited app will have a star next to its title and will also be shown under the Favorites section in the home page.

You can swipe right to create a shortcut for you app. Shortcut allows you to pin your app directly to your device’s home screen.

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Find all your apps in one page

All apps contain all the apps that you have access to. You can sort your apps on this page by Name or by modified date.

Turn on the new experience now!

We will show you a message directly on your app when this experience is available for you. Press on the “Try now” button to turn it on. You can also turn the feature on from the left menu. Navigate to the menu screen by pressing on the hamburger button on top left corner of the app and press on “New design (preview)” option under the Settings section. Just ensure that you have the latest app update from your app store.

We want to hear your thoughts

As always, we would love to hear from you on how we can keep improving the experience. Here are three distinct ways you can give us feedback.

Feedback in menu section

If the new experience is enabled, press on the avatar option on the top left. Scroll down to the “Feedback on design” option and click on it to be directed to a Feedback form. You can fill out the same form here

Comments on Post and Forum

You can also leave your feedback on this post or provide comments on the Ideas Forum.