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Phenomenal product partnerships in analytics announced at the Data Insights Summit!

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We are pleased to share key announcements from the Data Insights Summit today regarding exciting product partnerships in analytics! These new feature enhancements are a big step forward across our entire business application platform. Not only to improve reporting, but also to enable the business to perform proactive actions and automation, based on business data insights.

#1Embedded Apps in Dashboards: As you may already have heard, we can now embed PowerApps within a Power BI dashboard! This recent feature release enables the business to “act”, and to perform transactions, as a result of "measures" and insights we review in Power BI dashboards and reports. This is something you can do today, so give it a go! We look forward to seeing how our customers and partners will leverage this enhancement to further empower app consumers in web applications, on large format screens like the Surface Hub, as well as on mobile devices. Learn more on how to embed an app in a Power BI dashboard.


#2Embedded Tiles in Apps: During conference sessions today, and as a focus during the keynote, we demonstrated brand new PowerApps operability with Power BI tiles! Very soon (we’re in the final stages of testing for release) you'll be able to insert tiles from related Power BI dashboards directly into your app screens! Imagine the possibilities of including insights within your web and mobile applications, easily surfacing descriptive analytics and forecasting data for app consumers wherever they would benefit from it – on the desktop, or on the go!


#3Dynamic Interactivity Between Apps and Tiles: We want to take these two new announcements even further as we head toward 2018, with a goal of driving full circle interactivity between embedded apps and Power BI tiles. Imagine that a single tap on a PowerApps gallery could result in embedded tiles dynamically responding to that selection; filtering or aggregating data, and/or even triggering "automation" via Microsoft Flow! However, that is only a small sneak peak at what will be possible. Among other things, your consumers will be able to submit PowerApp forms from within Power BI, updating visualizations on the fly! This interactivity between embedded apps and tiles is now a priority on our roadmap, so expect to see this ultimate experience light up in the next 6 to 9 months.

Please join us in celebrating these exciting announcements today. These new partnerships across the business application platform will further disrupt, and transform businesses worldwide. We are thrilled to share these opportunities for innovation in application design, analytics, and automation – directly from our seats at the Data Insights Summit in Seattle!

We continue to evolve these services based on your feedback, respectfully,

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