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Top Solutions from November’s Community AMA

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Top Solutions Accepted from the Community AMA!

At the end of November, the PowerApps Team hosted its second Ask Microsoft Anything community event. During the Q&A hour, responses by the PowerApps team and the community members produced over a dozen accepted solutions.

To celebrate, we've shared the top solutions below. To view more solutions, visit the AMA discussion board in the PowerApps Community! Missed the event? Keep an eye out for the next AMA event and get your answer live!




I'm still unsure of when/if PowerApps can work offline. Is there a place that documents which data sources connectors support save\load data?

PowerApps cannot work completely offline. This is probably one of our most requested features and I will leave it to the Program Managers to comment more on the roadmap. It is possible to connect to a static data source, like an Excel file. – Senior Software Engineer, Tah Wei Hoon


Below are some helpful blogs on this topic:


You may also want to look at this YouTube video by Ashlee. She illustrates how to save Pictures locally (offline) and upload when there is connection (online) – Community Member, Gilbert Okello


What is your favorite part about the PowerApps Community?

Creativity—you should check out the apps that Daniel Christian, Paul Culmsee, and @hpkeong make–they always give me ideas on what I can incorporate into my own apps. – Community Member, mr–dang


Is there any update regarding the availability of the PowerApps web part for SharePoint Online that was mentioned at Ignite? Is it still expected this year?

Support for PowerApps web part may not make it by EOY [End of Year]. It'll most likely be in Q1 2018. – Senior Program Manager, Archana Nair


Is there a way to find out the size (in bytes) of a screen or the whole app?

Currently there is no way to see the size of the screen, but there is a way to see the size of your app. You can "save as" the app to your computer, and this will save the PowerApps document on your machine. Then, you can check the properties -> details, and see the size of the app that way. –Senior Software Engineer Manager, Anousha Mesbah

Perhaps not for a single screen, but you could try saving your app to the computer as a msapp file. The "size" of the app can be estimated by the size of the file. – Senior Software Engineer, Tah Wei Hoon


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