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View and Manage the apps being built by your organization!

Headshot of article author Manas Maheshwari

Last month, we added a capability for IT admins to get visibility on the apps by downloading the list of apps built in their organization. With the launch of the ‘App Resources List,’ admin will now be able to manage their organization’s app from the PowerApps admin center.

Admins will be able to do the following:

  • Update the app permissions. Add or change the users with whom an app is shared with.
  • Delete an existing app, which is not used by any user.
  • View the data sources used by an app.
  • (Coming soon) Update the owner of the app.

How to manage the app

1.  In the PowerApps admin center, click on Environments near the left edge and select the environment for which you want to view the list of apps:

2.  Select Resources from the horizontal navigation, select Apps and then select the app that you want to view or manage

3.    View and manage the app

You can perform following kinds of operations:

· Delete the app.

· View connection, flows and other details associated with the app.

· View and modify the users with whom the app is shared with.

Watch out for more updates on this functionality on PowerApps blog and let us know if you have any specific ask over here.