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GAVS Technologies - Consortium Constructor Tool - Part Of Azure Blockchain As A Service Accelerator Platform

Consortium Constructor Tool - Part of Enterprise Blockchain Accelerator

Blockchain being a:
  • Decentralized distributed database
  • Where business contracts cannot be tampered
  • Where a complete audit trail maintained
  • Which is real time and instant
  • Where business partners view a single version of the truth

 is a major technology that is going to transform today's digital enterprises.

However as a CXO you have the challenges of:
  • Which of my business processes are best suited to fit into  Blockchain
  • Which of my partners will join this journey
  • What kind of Smart Contracts we should work with each other
  • How do I convince my business while abstracting technical complexities

GAVS Blockchain Accelerator Platform (powered by Azure Blockchain as a Service) is a major enabler for enterprises in adopting blockchain to the best of their needs.

Part of this platform is the tool CONSQUARE (Consortium Constructor) which helps organizations to try out multiple combinations of Private Blockchain Consortium and then choose the most relevant one for further POC.

Built using the high performance/low code productivity platform (HPaaS) of Microsoft Office 365 (Powerapps, Flow, Power BI) this tool set ensures that Blockchain POC are conducted in shortest span of time and ensure best return on investment.

For a test drive of how you can visualize a Blockchain constructor, use the application, or view the sample consortium that is seeded as part of the application.

Power Apps パートナーになることをご希望ですか?

認定パートナーは、チームにとって重要な存在です。新しいビジネス チャンスを見出し、つながりを持ち、会社の持つ能力や経験を世界中の Power Apps ユーザーと共有してください。