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Enable external access with Portals

Empower anyone—either inside or outside your organization—to interact with Common Data Service data using Portals.

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Give internal and external users secure access to your data either anonymously or through commercial authentication providers like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, or enterprise providers such as Azure AD B2C and Okta. Set authentication requirements, customize data for each user, and allow users to submit their information privately with straightforward admin controls.

だれでもレスポンシブな Web サイトを作成可能

カスタマイズ可能なポータル テンプレートとレスポンシブなテーマにより、Web サイトの外観を会社のブランドに簡単にマッチさせることができます。直感的なインターフェイスとステップ バイ ステップのガイダンスを使用して、外部のユーザーやパートナーがアクセスできるコンテンツを作成して管理できます。コードは必要ありません。

Integrate all your data

Bring data from the apps you use—including Power BI and Microsoft Flow—together with Common Data Service and enable your users to interact with it anytime, anywhere . Enrich portals with model-driven forms, views, lists, charts, and dashboards to offer more value with each interaction.


Enable external users to access custom portals

Login capacity add-on

Authenticated external users

Starting at


Per month2

100 daily login sessions1

Page view capacity add-on

Unauthenticated users

Per month

100,000 page views

1A login provides an external authenticated user access to a single portal for up to 24 hours. Multiple logins during the 24-hour period count as 1 billable login. Internal users can be licensed either by the PowerApps per app or per users plans, or a qualifying Dynamics 365 subscription.

2Volume pricing available. Contact your Microsoft representative for more information.


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