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Faster authoring canvas and an easier way to click and move buttons while editing apps

Headshot of article author Matthew Bolanos

In the latest release, we made a significant update to the way the canvas is rendered that will improve authoring performance and to better align it with the actual experience of end users. While doing that work, we took the opportunity to improve the way users interact with controls on the canvas, which several users reported as confusing. Buttons have been particularly difficult to interact with since you could simultaneously click on them and edit them while authoring.

To alleviate the confusion, we’ve aligned more closely with PowerPoint and made a change to the way actions are triggered while you’re editing to help prevent accidental actions and to make it easier to select controls.

Moving and editing controls

The biggest improvement we’ve shipped is the ability to click on a control from anywhere to select it or move it around. Previously, you would have to drag the control from the edges to move it, which was sometimes difficult to do. To edit text, simple double click on the control and start typing.

Moving and changing the text of a button

Testing your app in the canvas

To test your app, you can now hold the alt key (or Ctrl+Shift on IE) while clicking to activate buttons or other controls. To change the text in input boxes, you can double click on them.


If you experience difficulties with the new canvas, we’ve provided a toggle under the advanced settings so that you can revert back to the previous experience. To find the setting, go to the file menu, select app settings, then select advanced settings, and lastly activate the “Render in classic mode” toggle. This will disable the new canvas so that you can go back to the classic experience. Please also let us know what difficulties you faced on the forums so that we can resolve them in a future release .

Hopefully this alleviates confusion while working within the canvas. If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to me on the forums.