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Bamboo Technologies Limited - Site Inspection for Field Service

Ready-to-use and easily customizable work-flow based field service solution for site inspection across various industries.

Bamboo’s Site Inspection Solution is a next generation field service solution that leverages a variety of Microsoft products for creating, tracking and executing the site inspection orders.
The security roles based business process flow in this solution helps the business to optimize and automate the work orders executions by leveraging the power of Microsoft Power Platform.
As a result, this easily customizable solution helps the business to take faster business decisions in various field service industry.
Easy to use Microsoft Power Apps based smartphone app helps the field engineer to pick the closest task from his current location, capture his findings in pictures, videos, voice clips, memo etc. and submit to the supervisor.
The Model Driven App based desktop/tablet solution helps the supervisor to create, assign and review the tasks and makes immediate business decisions based on various auto generated reports.
User Interfaces via Microsoft Office helps a new user to easily get familiarize with the product and start using it easily without immense training efforts.
Basic features:
Monitor Alarms from various IoT devices located in remote locations
From his desktop / tablet,
Supervisor creates work orders,
A Reviewer reviews it,
Department Head approves it and
Supervisor assigns it to the field engineer.
From smartphone’s interactive map, field engineer
chooses the work order,
visits the site, inspect it,
fix it and submit his report (Pictures, Videos, Voice Clips, Memos etc.)
Automated entire business process flow for a work order, easily customizable, different security roles
Up to date Information : Different participants in an order lifecycle, but within the same framework.
Familiar interfaces like Microsoft Outlook to take actions
Single Sign-On , easy integration with GPS, QR Codes, IoT Devices, Maps etc. etc.
Departmental and Organizational view of the activities
Dashboards to check the workload, efficiency, trends, hence faster business decisions

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